04-15-18_8-41-44 PM 04-15-18_8-43-37 PM

My wedding day.
My nerves are gone.
Is Tommy wonderful?
Is he my soul mate?
It sure fucking feels like it.

04-15-18_8-42-53 PM

But looking at Martina right now…
Tommy is a memory.
Martina is my now.

04-15-18_8-43-49 PM

Mom, Dad, Hamilton, and Kim came out.
Val showed up for Martina.
It’s awkward now that I know the history with Val.

Val was married to Tommy.  While they were married, she and Martina got together.
So strange.

I mean, am I one to fucking talk though?

04-15-18_9-09-28 PM

How do you feel?

Amazing.  You?

Conflicted.  I’m so happy for you two, but also I sort of wish it was me up there.

04-15-18_9-09-36 PM

I know what you mean.  It’s weird, right?  This?  Us?  It was so instant and it’s like the universe is telling us to be together.

The universe fucked up though.  I met you too late.

It could be worse.  We could never met.

04-15-18_9-09-46 PM

*laughs* Yeah, I’m not sure what is worse.  To think I might have never met you, or to be in love with you and you’re married to my cousin.

I guess neither of those are ideal.

04-15-18_9-10-27 PM

Just know this.  I’m always here for you.  If you ever need me, I’m right here.  Call me and I’ll fly over.

Thank you Tommy.  Same to you, you know.  If you get with another skank who cheats on you, call me.  We can have revenge sex in your apartment.

04-15-18_9-10-38 PM

Did you just offer to cheat on your wife with me?  Just to get revenge on my eventually fucked up relationship?

Is it weird that I really want it to happen?

Only if it’s weird that I want to throw you in the grass and fuck you, in front of everyone.

04-15-18_9-11-11 PM

Maybe we will be together.  One day.  It’ll be the right time for us.  I feel it.

That’s sort of bad though, right?  That means that you and Martina don’t work out.

Martina and I are perfect, right now.  I needed her and I think she really needed me.

Now I need you.

You have me, my heart at least.  You can even have my body if you’re ever in town.  I never want to lose you Tommy, but I really feel like our time is coming.

04-15-18_9-11-29 PM

I hope it comes swiftly.  No woman will live up to you Hazel Eastman.

We’ve known each other for one single day and we’re madly in love.  Are we crazy?

Crazy in love.

04-15-18_9-13-21 PM

He’s right Journal.
I’m crazy for him.
He’s crazy for me.
I fall so quickly.  It’s got to be some sort of mental disorder, right?
Who in their right mind fucks and falls in love with their cousin-in-law?

Just me, Hazel Eastman.
Royal Fuck Up.


04-15-18_8-51-30 PM2

We’re so proud of you sweetie.

Thanks Daddy!

04-15-18_8-51-54 PM2

Your turn Haley!

You’re the one who fell in love, now get the fuck off me.

I’m not in love. *laughs*

04-15-18_8-57-06 PM2

I never want to leave.

Then don’t.

04-15-18_8-53-07 PM2

Are we ruining your picture?

Never Haley.  You two are gorgeous.

Haley’s single too Tommy, maybe you too could talk for a while.

No offense Haley, but I’m not interested.

I’d be offended, but I feel the same way. *laughs*

04-15-18_8-53-35 PM2

04-15-18_8-53-39 PM2

Haven’t we taken enough pictures yet?

There are never too many pictures honey.

You’re mother is right.  Pictures last forever.  We’re old, our memories are foggy.

Oh shut up Dad.

04-15-18_8-51-38 PM2

Are you happy Martina?

I think so.

You think so?

I love her and can’t imagine my life without her.  Marriage just seems like the next step.

I hope you’re not fucking it up.

I fuck up everything I touch.  Did I ever properly apologize?  How can I repay you?

Let me fuck your wife?

*laughs* I don’t think she’ll agree to it.  She’s never even been with a man.

04-15-18_9-00-34 PM2

If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you’ve been fucked recently.

Jesus Harper, we’re trying to take photos.

04-15-18_9-00-47 PM2

You two are the best sisters a girl could have.

We know.

04-15-18_9-02-30 PM2

It’s sort of strange that her sisters are her bridesmaids and your bridesmaids are just dudes.

You two are my best friends, despite our issues in the past.

I’m only your friend so I can fuck your wife’s sister.  In a few hours, we won’t be friends anymore.

I’m only around so I can fuck your wife.

Oh, so we’ll both be done with her in a few hours?

Hell yeah.

*laughs* Shut up, you fucking bastards.

04-15-18_8-57-53 PM2

You look amazing baby.

Not as beautiful as you.

04-15-18_8-57-11 PM2

Why do you keep staring at me?

Just hoping I made the right choice.

In marrying me?

No, in agreeing to letting Tommy fuck you.

What? *nervous laugh*

Hahahaha.  Got you!

04-15-18_8-58-15 PM2

I love you Mrs. Eastman.

I love you too, Mrs. Eastman.

04-15-18_9-05-04 PM2

Hey Tommy?

Yes beautiful?

Thanks for being so amazing about everything.

No problem.  I’d do literally anything for you.

Yeah?  Get rid of Martina so we can get together.

Well, almost anything. *laughs*

Guess we’ll have to just wait for our time.  I hope I don’t have to wait long.  I’m selfish.

We’ll figure it out my love.


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