It wasn’t really stealing.  Val was looking for a way out, Martina just helped her.

I’m sorry Tommy.  That really sucks.

It did.  That was years ago though, water under the bridge.

That just makes ‘this’ harder.

Yup.  Makes me think I only feel this way because I want what Martina has.

04-15-18_8-04-06 PM

Doesn’t explain how I feel.

How do you feel?

Um…maybe it’s best we don’t talk about it.

Whatever you want, virgin.

Can’t I have another nickname?



04-15-18_8-04-36 PM

When virgin no longer applies.

Oh shush.  C’mon, there’s more to explore.  There’s this really amazing spot where the path just stops and it overlooks the whole area.  It’s gorgeous.

04-15-18_8-04-48 PM

As gorgeous as the view I have now?

04-15-18_8-05-39 PM

Shut the fuck up and let’s go.

04-15-18_8-06-03 PM

I let Tommy lead after I hacked away the vines.
The vines I had hacked away a year before.
Weird how quickly they grow back.
I guess this IS a jungle.

I need distracted.

He’s distracting.

04-15-18_8-06-32 PM

The view was amazing.

04-15-18_8-06-53 PM

As I knew it would be.

I was surprised Tommy made it this far in those ridiculous pants.
I kind of want to take them –
No.  You’re getting married.

04-15-18_8-07-03 PM

Just look at him.

He’s handsome, but in a nonchalant way.
Like he knows he’s handsome but he doesn’t use it to his advantage.
God, how am I going to spend the next two days with him?

04-15-18_8-07-16 PM

04-15-18_8-07-32 PM

Thanks for bringing me Hazel.  This view is absolutely stunning.

04-15-18_8-08-10 PM

Yeah.  Not a problem.  I’ve done this hike fifty times, it’s nice to finally have someone with me.


Okay Tommy.
You can do this.
Act cool.

Hey!  I’m ready for some hiking!

In those jeans?

What about them?

Jeans aren’t the best for exploring Tommy.

04-15-18_8-01-19 PM

Should I twist my shirt up and cut my jeans into shorts or something?  These bad boys slip right off in case I need to start running from a giant bug or something.

Don’t hate the style boy.  I look great!  I hope for my sake those pants don’t come off.

I’d look twice as good as you.

Not possible.

She’s right.
Not possible.

I didn’t take you as a girl who is full of herself.

I didn’t take you for an idiot who didn’t realize shorts are the proper clothing for a hike through the woods.

Hey.  I told you I can just take these off.  All you have to do is ask.

*laugh* I’m good.

I hope she asks.
Why does Martina get the good ones?

Não tão bonita como tu.
(Not as beautiful as you.)

Tal falador suave.
(Such a smooth talker.)

04-15-18_8-03-51 PM

Do I tell her?
I’m crazy.
This is crazy.
I can’t say anything.
Martina will find out and she’ll think I’m doing what she did.
Stealing away the woman she loves.
What the fuck am I doing?

Eu não sou suave, apenas falo minha mente. Há uma conexão entre nós, Hazel. Eu sei que você sente isso também. Eu não vou negar isso, isso me atrai para você.
(I’m not smooth, I just speak my mind.  There’s a connection between us Hazel.  I know you feel it too.  I won’t deny it, it draws me to you.)

Talvez – talvez, se não falarmos sobre isso, vá embora.
(Maybe – maybe if we don’t talk about it, it will go away.)

I mean…it’s valid.
She feels the same way.
You can’t do this Tommy.
Stop flirting.
Stop feeling.
You know you can’t do this.

04-15-18_8-07-32 PM

I want to kiss her.
She’s so stunning.
She’s perfection.
I’ve known her for six hours and I’d marry her right now.

Thanks for bringing me Hazel.  This view is absolutely stunning.

You’re stunning.
I can’t believe you’re going to be shut away with Martina the rest of your life.
She deserves someone like Val, but not you.
Not you.

Yeah.  Not a problem.  I’ve done this hike fifty times, it’s nice to finally have someone with me.


Calm down.
God, I hope she doesn’t this.
Please don’t look.
Oh fuck.

She looked.


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