03-12-18_1-18-53 AM

The view in Selvadorada is absolutely amazing.  They sell some great postcards too.  I sent one to Mom and Dad.

03-12-18_1-22-03 AM

I’m really enjoying the food here too.

03-12-18_1-22-15 AM

I’ve been thinking about what Caitlin said too, about being betrayed or whatever.
Are the temple guardians like…supernatural?

I should ask Martina about it.

03-12-18_1-23-35 AM03-12-18_1-24-41 AM 03-12-18_1-24-56 AM03-12-18_1-25-06 AM 03-12-18_1-25-23 AM

I’m really enjoying archeology.  I never really paid attention in history when they talked about artifacts and stuff, but being here has really opened my eyes.

03-12-18_1-25-43 AM

Hey, you’re Hazel Eastman right?

I am, and you are?

03-12-18_1-25-48 AM

That doesn’t matter.  I just wanted to tell you that I think your family is just so great.  They built an entire town out of nothing.  Even if some of your relatives are fucking useless or another species, it’s awesome how the human Eastman’s have created something amazing.

Not all the Eastman’s who created something were humans.  We have a vampire and aliens in the blood line and they’ve all done something too.

Sure they have, but they also tainted the town with rumors and stories that scared people away.

My family hasn’t scared anyone away.

Okay. *laughs* I get that you’re defending your family and I didn’t mean to upset you, I just wanted to express my gratitude towards my fellow humans.

03-12-18_1-26-21 AM

Did that lady just insult my family because some of them are another species?  Doesn’t she realize I’m part alien as well?  It’s only like 13% but I’m proud of my heritage.  How freaking rude.

03-12-18_1-27-08 AM

I spent the next few hours going through the different artifacts I had with me.  I had a bunch of these skulls.  They’re super cool.  I’ll give one to Hamilton next time I see him.

03-12-18_1-28-43 AM

I was interrupted by barking, coming from behind me.

03-12-18_1-29-29 AM

This extremely cute dog was there.  He didn’t have a collar and looked a little dirty.  He was probably a stray.  He was so friendly, I spent an hour or so petting him and playing with him.

03-12-18_1-32-37 AM

As the sun started going down, I decided to go in to the bar.

03-12-18_1-33-59 AM

Lucky for me, Martina was in there.  I didn’t want to walk right over to her but she sort of caught me staring at her.

03-12-18_1-37-01 AM

come over here, she mouthed.

Hey tourist.

Hi Martina.  Day off?

Yeah, spending time with my amigos.

03-12-18_1-36-08 AM

You come here often?

*laughs* Almost every night.  There’s not a lot to do here so we like to harass sims from out of town.

03-12-18_1-37-18 AM

I like being harassed, so that works for me.

Three drinks later, I remembered I needed to ask her something.

Martina, can I ask you something?  So I was at the Temple recently and a guardian came up to me.  Her name is Caitlin and she gave me a strange warning.  Are the guardians like…real or whatever?

The Guardians are very real Hazel.  They can see the future, though it is limited.  When I was fourteen, I stumbled upon the guardian Thomas.  He told me that I would lose my parents very soon and that I should make peace with them.  He also told me that I would be engaged twice but never marry, fall in love with five sims, go to college to become a teacher, and speak six languages.  He said a lot of things to me that night.  Well, three weeks later I lost my parents.  They were attacked by bees while on a hike.  My father had forgotten the bee repellant flowers at home.  I never went to college and I’ve only loved two sims.  Espero me apaixonar novamente, mas não posso imaginar amar ninguém em Selvadorada. As pessoas aqui são tão estreitas, não entendem que uma mulher pode amar outra mulher. Você é tão fácil falar com Hazel.*.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I’ve been drinking.  Love doesn’t come as easily to some of us and I can’t imagine loving five people.

03-12-18_1-37-26 AM

I wanted to ask her what she meant, but she left shortly after.

So with no reason to stay at the bar, I went home.

03-12-18_1-45-13 AM

Hamilton was gone, of course.

03-12-18_1-45-21 AM

After a good nights sleep, I took a jog to clear my head.

03-12-18_1-46-27 AM

Caitlin said someone I trust will betray me.  Well, I only trust my family.  I don’t really have any friends and I can’t imagine my family members betraying me.  There’s no one else I trust.  That means, if she’s right about this, someone in my future betrays me.  Someone in my future causes my death.

03-12-18_1-51-37 AM

I guess it’s a good reason to never make any friends.


*I hope to fall in love again, but I can’t imagine loving anyone in Selvadorada.  People here are so narrow minded, they don’t understand that a woman can love another woman.  You’re so easy to talk to Hazel.


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