We got married in the same spot I proposed (the second time) just a week later.

02-24-18_9-01-28 PM

The only people we invited were my parents, her parents, Randi, and Kim.
Her parents didn’t show up.  Apparently they’re on a vacation trying to fix their marriage.
Turns out Jenni has like…7 siblings she knew nothing about until three days ago**.

02-24-18_9-02-21 PM

We danced to a few songs, never taking our eyes off each other.

02-24-18_9-02-50 PM

The ring I bought her was custom ordered because I know what my baby likes.

Now you’re mine Daddy.  No more fucking other women, ever.

You’re the only girl Daddy wants.

02-24-18_9-03-01 PM

My wife.  My forever.
I can’t believe this day finally came.

So many bumps in the road, so many wrong turns.
A few right turns too.
I don’t regret a single night with Kim and I never will.
If Jenni hadn’t have come back to me, I’d probably be here with Kim instead.

02-24-18_9-03-08 PM

This is exactly the life I always wanted, just with the kids a few years early.

02-24-18_9-32-29 PM

She kept the posters I had ordered for her and we hung them in the bedroom.
We put up the first few photos of us together.  Soon, the wedding photos will be right next to them.

Also, a large box of condoms.
Father of three is enough, thank you.

02-24-18_9-49-26 PM

Though I have to admit, watching her as a mother gets me so hard.
That’s weird, right?

She’s so caring and gentle with our little girls, it makes me want to put more babies in her.

Then I go for a jog and take my mind off it.
Sex without a condom is SO. FUCKING. AMAZING.  However, it’s not worth it right now.

02-24-18_9-55-34 PM

Peaches, please don’t get in the trash.

Man, a few months ago I only had Peaches in my life.  Now, I have this huge family.

02-24-18_9-59-32 PM

I love being a mother Gideon.  I was so scared at first, but now I can hardly imagine life without my girls.

They’re perfect Jenni, but we don’t need any more right now.

Some day?

Maybe.  Who knows what the future holds.  I’m still pulling 12 hour shifts, 4 days a week at the clinic and it’s not fair to you to leave you with the kids that whole time.  I’ve already discussed cutting back to 3 days a week, but then I’d have to hire and train another vet.  It’s rough, but all I can think about is coming home to my girls.

I understand babe.  I have a big modeling contract coming up in a month or so, did you remember to request the time off?

Already done.  I have a vet from Brindleton Bay coming in to assist for the week that you’re gone.

If you would have told me two years ago that we’d be married with two children, I’d have laughed at you.

02-24-18_9-59-54 PM

I would have laughed too sweetie.


I went to look at Jenni’s family tree.  She’s Baz’s daughter and I wanted to see if Baz had any more kids.
Then I saw this:


HOLY SHIT!  Baz’s husband has SEVEN OTHER KIDS!  All children or toddlers.
It astounded me.
Cheating scumbag!
My poor Baz.
He was meant to end up with Simon Snow but I totally forgot to get MCC them to marriage.


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