After meeting Haley, Harper, and Hazel I was in a bit of a daze.

For six weeks, if I wasn’t at the clinic then I was at Jenni’s.
At least it was good timing.  The house was being rebuilt so I would have just been staying at the clinic with Peaches.

Last night while I was visiting, I heard Jenni crying in her room.
I approached her quietly and asked if she needed anything and she just asked me to hold her.

So this morning, I texted her to come visit the new house.

02-20-18_10-50-17 PM

Hey Gideon.

Hey Jenni.  Feeling better?

02-20-18_10-50-31 PM

Much, thank you.  So what’s going on?

02-20-18_10-50-52 PM

I just wanted to talk to you.  Follow me to the courtyard.

02-20-18_10-52-28 PM

What’s going on Gideon?

Jenni, do you still love me?

With my whole heart.

Do you believe we can be together?

Of course I do.

02-20-18_10-52-46 PM

Jenni if I’m being completely honest, I miss you.  I miss literally everything about you.  I miss your smile, your morning breath, the way your hair tickles my face when we cuddle.  I miss you farting in the shower, when you laugh at your own fart because your eight, your makeup on the counter.  I miss your clothes in the dresser, the way your arm feels when it’s wrapped around my shoulder.  I miss the feeling of your body next to mine and underneath mine.  I miss kissing you goodnight and how it feels to thrust in to you.  I miss everything.

I miss you too Gideon.  I haven’t felt myself since I left you.  It’s like a strange, out of body experience.  Like someone else was controlling me, making me force you away.  I was watching myself making these decisions, knowing I’d regret them all instantly.

I just want to try again.

02-20-18_10-56-51 PM

I’d like that Gideon, I really would.

I never want to lose you again Jennifer, and I will do everything in my power to keep you from leaving again.

I’ll never leave.  It’s one of the biggest regrets of my life, only behind marrying that fucking idiot.

*laugh* Good thing I’m okay with marrying a divorcee.

Good thing I’m okay with marrying a man who fathered another child.

We were on a break!

*laugh* I know baby, I know.

02-20-18_10-57-07 PM

Will you marry me Jenni?  Will you promise never to give up on us?  Promise me that whatever storms may come, we will face them together?

I promise Gideon.  I’d be incredibly happy to marry you.

02-20-18_10-58-59 PM

I pulled her in for a long kiss.  I knew she could feel my erection, pressing hard against her.

Does Daddy want to break in this new hot tub?


Just a quick little funny:

When I invited Jenni over, she showed up like this:

02-20-18_10-42-05 PM

She was ready for some seeeeex!  It had me laughing so I thought I’d share.



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