Jenni is coming home tonight and I am fucking ready to leave, but of course we got a floor of customers right at 7 pm.

02-11-18_6-16-40 PM

Cats are pretty cute, but I don’t know if I’d want one around all the time.  They’re dicks.  I get scratched by cats more than I get barked at by dogs.

02-11-18_6-19-04 PM

Yuri, can you just calm down please.  I’m trying to see if you have fleas.

I was finally able to lock the door and change in to my clothes when I heard her voice.

Gideon Eastman, I am so proud of you!

02-11-18_6-03-36 PM

JENNI!  When did you get in?

Just now.  I wanted to surprise you.

What an amazing surprise.  Have you seen Romeo?

Oh, he just left.  He actually let me in.

02-11-18_6-03-45 PM

I’ve missed you so much baby.

02-11-18_6-08-47 PM

Kissing her lips for the first time in almost two months got me hard as a rock.

I can see that Daddy.

02-11-18_6-09-02 PM

Thank god I made myself a bedroom in the clinic.  It was really great for days when I would work all day and then instead of worrying about getting home, I’d just pass out on the bed.
We actually need to expand the clinic but that’s a different conversation.

02-11-18_6-05-15 PM

Grabbing her smooth, round ass in my hands, I guided her into taking me as deep as I could go.
Does Daddy like that?
I grunted a response.

We fucked twice as the vet clinic before we went home.

How did your shoot go, gorgeous?

Amazing!  The shoot with Kim was fun, but she wasn’t as vibrant as she was the first time I worked with her.  She seemed tired, but not like ‘oh, I didn’t get enough sleep’ tired.  It was like ‘my life has me fucking exhausted’ tired.  You should reach out to her, see if she wants to come over.

We haven’t talked in a long time Jenni, I’m not sure she’d like to hear from me.

Everyone loves you Gideon, of course she wants to hear from you.

02-11-18_5-41-55 PM

Hey, just because YOU love me doesn’t mean everyone else does.

Yes it does.  I have great taste in people.

Well, you taste great so…

Oh shush you.  Let’s take a shower and get to bed, I’m so tired.

02-11-18_5-42-04 PM

Of course, bed time with Jenni is anything but.
Watching her perky tits bounce with each thrust was almost enough to get me off.

02-11-18_5-39-00 PM

I missed my baby.

02-11-18_7-42-00 PM

Today’s the day boss.

How do you know?

02-11-18_7-42-03 PM

I can just tell.

That’s right, I forgot to mention.  I DID find another vet.  Randi.
A brand new recruit, straight from the class after mine.

However…she was extremely pregnant.

BOSS!  I told you it was today!

02-11-18_7-32-23 PM

She’s on maternity leave for the next eight weeks (paid, I’m not a fucking monster) so my long anticipated vacation will have to wait.

Romeo is going really well though.
Most of the time.

Boss, this is a fucking raccoon.  This ain’t a pet.

If someone brought him in to be looked at, we’ll do it.

I don’t want to get near a fucking raccoon.  Those little things are feisty as fuck, and not in a good way.

Romeo, just check it out.  The little guy is obviously in need of medical assistance.

I need a fucking raise for this shit man.

02-11-18_8-00-12 PM

Having Jenni back in town was great for my dick but sometimes I needed something…more.

02-11-18_5-13-59 PM 02-11-18_5-16-37 PM02-11-18_5-15-44 PM

How can you NOT wank it to those photos?
…I don’t get it.

These were photos published IN A MAGAZINE!

Look at her.
She’s staring at me…daring me not to pull it out.
She dared me.

02-11-18_6-20-59 PM

Last night when Jenni and I fucked, the entire time I just thought of Kim.
How my dick felt inside her pussy.
Her moaning in my ear.
Oh god.
It was amazing.


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