Gideons POV

I was so surprised this morning when I woke up to messages from Kim and Jenni.

You’ll never guess who was at my shoot last night!  KIM!  From your dorm!  Isn’t that so amazing?  I knew I’d be working with a female model but I never thought it’d be here!  She was so amazing!
02-11-18_5-05-00 PM

Your girlfriend was the model I worked with last night.  She’s sweet.
02-11-18_5-05-41 PM

Jenni has no idea that Kim and I…that we…well, that we had a thing.  I ended it the day Jenni gave me that hand job in my room.  We went to the beach and then got some Chinese food at one of the stalls on campus.  We talked for a long time and decided we wanted to try us.  I talked to Kim that night.  I thought she’d be all oh cool, I’m happy for you, have fun but instead she just said okay.

9 months laterJenni's POV

I’m so sorry I can’t be here for your opening baby.

Don’t worry about it.  Your dream is just as important as mine love.

02-11-18_2-37-05 AM

I just…I want to be here for you.  This is going to be such an amazing journey for you and I should be here for your first step!

Moon of my life, just your support is enough.  We’ve had an amazing month with no work and no worries but it’s time to get back to the real world now.  Your shoots are going to be so amazing.  It’s with Kim again, right?  You said she was great!

She was great but she was cold.  Plus, she got the huge Ashley’s Secret contract I’ve been fucking DYING for so I’m totally jealous.

You’ll do amazing baby.  You’ve got more experience than she does.  They’ll love you, they always do.

02-11-18_2-37-09 AM

Jenni and I had moved in together a couple months before I graduated vet school.  In the month between graduation and now, I’d done nothing but secure a lot and build a vet clinic.  I guess that’s actually a lot, but it feels like I’m so far behind.  Mom was weary of me breaking from the Legacy contract but I didn’t want anything to do with a fucking lounge.  I’m not funny and I can’t sing worth shit.  Apparently I’m the first heir in the family that wasn’t in love with their contracted obligation and I’m okay with that.  I’m madly in love with other things in my life.

02-11-18_2-38-08 AM 02-11-18_2-39-00 AM

I’m going to miss you so much baby.

That’s what you said this morning.

*giggles* It’s true.  I hope you don’t forget me, Daddy.

I don’t think I’ll be forgetting this morning for a long time baby.

I’d been trying to work on my clinic earlier this morning.  I still needed to hire a second vet so I could have days off, but I was drowning in applications.  I heard her come in but I didn’t look up.

BABY!  What do you think you’re doing?

Reviewing these applications.  I was hoping to see Nanao or Matthew or SOMEONE I went to school with but so far, nothing.

02-11-18_2-50-41 AM

Love of my life, you need to spend some time with me before I leave.

We’ve spent the whole month together love.  I’ve been putting this off for weeks but I really need to have a second vet when we open.

Critter Care Veterinary Clinic will be fine for a few more hours Daddy.

I looked up and she was leaning over my desk.  God, she’s so fucking sexy.  I could feel myself reacting.  She brushed the applications off my desk.

You would rather look at the same information with 40 different names on it then look at the love of your life?

02-11-18_2-50-45 AM

Baby, you know I have work to do.  We open so soon and we have so many things to do.

I was getting irritated but the bulge in my pants was saying something else entirely.

Love, not right now.  We had all last night to say goodbye in bed, I need to finish this stuff.

02-11-18_2-51-00 AM

Daddy, I can see that you want me.  Why don’t you just give in?  You know I always win this fight.

Jennifer, I had all those applications organized.  I need to concentrate and I can’t concentrate with you…like this.

That’s the point Daddy.

02-11-18_2-51-06 AM

I wrapped my arms around her legs and threw them around me.  Her ass bounced against the glass desk.

That’s what I thought Daddy.  Punish me.

I grab her hair and slam her lips in to mine.  She lets a small, deep moan escape her through and I can’t control myself.

02-11-18_2-51-26 AM

I tear my shirt off in seconds, push her down so she’s laying on her back on the desk and wiggle her shorts and panties off, kissing her thighs and legs as I go.  Once her shorts and shoes are off, I unbutton my shorts and step out of them.  I look down at her.  Her eyes are filled with want and she’s biting her bottom lip.  God, she really fucking knows how to get me, doesn’t she?

I pull her up a little and start pulling her shirt up.  She’s not wearing a bra and her perky tits bounce out the moment they’re released from the fabric.

I push her back down and starting at her feet, kiss my way up her legs and thigh.  I can see she’s glistening with want.  I pull her forward just a little.  C’mon baby.  I need you she moans.

02-11-18_2-54-35 AM

Making love to Jenni was different in so many ways from my time with Kim.  Jenni enjoyed it when I was rough, whereas Kim liked a little bit gentle, a little bit rough.  Jenni had a weird thing about talking during sex as well.  She could talk all she wanted but she only wanted me to talk in a deep, low voice and call myself Daddy.  Like in third person.  Yeah, it was hard to get used to.

Hard Daddy, harder!  Make it so I don’t forget you when I’m gone.  Mmmm yeah.  HARDER!

02-11-18_2-54-53 AM

Tired of her talking, I pull her up and flip her over.

You want Daddy to fuck you harder baby?

Yes she whispers.  I wrap my hand around her throat and start biting her shoulder and neck.  The makeup artists will fix it later.

You like it when Daddy bites you?  Daddy won’t forget when you when you’re gone baby.  If you promise not to forget Daddy, he’ll punish you for hours when you get back home.  Will baby like that?

02-11-18_2-55-08 AM

Yes Daddy.

I wrapped my other hand around to her pussy and start flicking her clit.  I’m seconds away from cuming and she likes for both of us to climax at the same time, like in the movies.  That was ALSO hard to get used to.


Moments later, we’re both panting and laying on the floor.

Man, I’m going to miss this.
How long until she’s back?
Not soon enough.
My arm is going to be so buff when she gets back.


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