For three amazing months, Kim and I had a friends-with benefits thing going on.
I fell for her.
I know I wasn’t supposed to.
Yet it happened anyway.

02-15-18_12-23-15 AM

It was so hard to keep my heart locked up, but every time I thought about holding her on the couch that very first night…I’d smile.

02-14-18_11-23-17 PM

We were having sex almost daily.

She has an appointment tomorrow to get those tattoos put on for real and then a photo shoot three days later, some big secret thing for the lingerie company she got the red set from.

We didn’t get high everyday, but it was probably three times a week.  Kim and Lane were in their own open relationship as well and often they’d make a move on me while I was high.  I never got as fucked up as I did the first time though.  That’s probably bad though, right?  Now my body is getting used to it.

02-11-18_5-11-18 PM 02-11-18_5-12-06 PM

Jenni was still sending me pictures from her shoots.  Since Kim and I aren’t a legit couple, there’s no harm in it.

Meanwhile, Mia was over enthusiastic about getting pictures of everyone.
She wants to give us all collages as a “great job, you finished the semester” gift so she’s running around taking shots of everyone.

IMG_4987 IMG_4985IMG_4984 IMG_4986

Or, as you can see, having me just take some of them.  Randi has been really in to designing clothes and even changed her major.  I’ve been seeing her less and less since she’s also helping Jenni with her photos.  Mia and Jake’s relationships are still going strong and you can’t tell from the picture, but my parents are getting old.

Then it happened.

I was wanking it (Mia was right after all) to thoughts of Kim in my bed when someone walked in.

02-12-18_7-41-01 PM

I thought it was Kim so out of my mouth slipped ‘hey baby.’

02-12-18_7-42-57 PM


That wasn’t Kim.
I jumped out of bed right away, feeling myself going limp from embarrassment, and hastily threw on my boxers.

Hey Jenni.  Sorry…ummm-

02-12-18_7-54-40 PM

I’m so sorry Gideon.  Kim told me to come right in, I didn’t even think to…um…knock.  I’m so sorry, that was a total invasion of your privacy.

02-12-18_7-54-47 PM

It’s fine.  I probably shouldn’t be doing it in front of a glass door either, but I wasn’t really thinking about it.

02-12-18_7-55-01 PM

After a few beats of awkward silence, I looked up and saw her giving me this look.  I couldn’t quite place it…it wasn’t a look of embarrassment anymore.

Gideon Eastman, can I ask you a question?


Do you ever touch yourself and think of me?

Uhh what?  Uhh…well I mean…

02-12-18_7-55-19 PM

Then, without warning, she took a step forward and pressed her lips onto mine.

02-12-18_7-57-30 PM

My reaction was instant. My boxers were tightening, but I couldn’t stop touching her. The silk smooth skin. Her body was such a temptation and her lips, my god  they were so delicate and delicious. The heat in the kiss took my breath away.

02-12-18_7-58-57 PM

Then she moved her hands down south. She popped the button to my boxers, and my cock was given some relief. Then her hand gripped me. Fuck, but her hand was smooth and tight around my dick.

02-12-18_8-00-19 PM

Gideon Eastman, you seem pretty happy to see me.


02-12-18_8-00-19 PM-2

She pumped, and I hated that I couldn’t last as long as I wanted. But she drove me crazy, and I had been hot and hard even before she joined me.  With a more forceful kiss I felt myself losing control, and she never stopped until she milked the last bit of cum out of me.

Thanks for the fun time Gideon.

02-12-18_8-01-42 PM

You’re welcome.  I think.  So what’s up Jenni?  I thought you were doing a shoot today.

It was a lie. *giggles* I just wanted to come see you.

02-12-18_8-01-48 PM

You lied to me?!  How rude!

02-12-18_8-03-20 PM

Stoooooop it!  *laughs*

02-12-18_8-03-25 PM

Gideon, I came to see you because I finally wanted to tell you how I feel about you.  I can’t keep it in any longer.  I think it’s pretty fucking obvious now though.

It’s obvious that I’m extremely attracted to you and that you give amazing hand jobs.

02-12-18_8-03-34 PM

Really though.  I really like you.  I have for a long time. You’re one of my dearest friends and I’ve been worried to speak up because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I can’t hold it in any longer.

Am I the guy you want to lie in bed with?

02-12-18_8-03-46 PM

The one and only.  Those captions were so cheesy, weren’t they?  Randi thought they’d be obvious enough to attract your attention.

They were, I just wasn’t sure really.  You’re gorgeous and probably have a ton of guys talking to you and flirting with you.

02-12-18_8-03-50 PM

A ton of losers.  Look, you don’t have to make up your mind right now okay?  I get that dating is like…a big step.  Especially since it’d be 100% long distance for the first like, ten months or whatever.

Jenni, I –

02-12-18_8-04-01 PM

No.  Don’t decide yet, even if it’s a yes.  Let’s just have a great day together, okay?  You can shower and change your boxers because those things are nasty as hell now and I’ll wait for you downstairs.



I wrote a very rough outline for that dirty scene and sent it to her and she straight up made it her bitch.
She has offered to continue assisting me with the naughty scenes so just prepare yourself for that.
She’s obviously the Queen of Naughty.

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