NEW TO MY STORY: Drug use/discussion of drug use under the cut.

Mias POV

Gideon is so fucking irritating.
He’s such a moron.
In high school, practically every girl was pawing at him but he only had eyes for Jenni.
Randi, Trisha, Karissa, Julie, Pauline, Kristine, Angela, Amanda, Justine.
They were all giggling at everything he said, offering to help him with his homework or his lab assignment or whatever.

Now it seems he’s between Jenni and Kim.
He’s all oh, I don’t know if they’re serious or I think they’re just flirting with me Mia, no worries.
Fucking idiot.

Gideon, you’re so stupid.  Emily and I both think you’re either stupid as fuck, or you just like the idea of having two women.

I mean, who doesn’t want to have two women?

02-12-18_7-34-36 PM

Wipe that fucking look off your face.

Really Mia, it’s amazing having them both flirting with me and sending me sexy pictures.  I’m just not sure if they want to date me and I don’t want to ask one of them out, just to ruin the friendship we’ve built.  Or maybe ruin the friendship with the other girl if I ask the wrong one out.

02-12-18_7-34-49 PM

*eye roll* Show me those pictures Kim sent you again.

02-11-18_5-15-16 PM 02-11-18_5-15-53 PM

Yeah, you’re a fucking moron.  She’s giving you the ‘fuck me’ eyes.  Are those tattoos new?

She’s modeling Mia, and sort of.  They aren’t real.  She said she loved them so much though, she might get them done.

She wants your dick bro.

Who wants his dick?

02-12-18_7-37-25 PM


Oh, do I?

Those pictures sure make it seem like you do.

I apologize for her.  She doesn’t understand you are just showing me your art.

02-12-18_7-37-31 PM

Art?!  Sure, it’s art, great.  HOWEVER, were there other shots?  Yes.  Those ones are hella fucking sexy.  Also, I vote for those tattoos.  Fucking hot.

Jenni sends me sexy ones too.  I’m just a neutral party, friends with two gorgeous women who happened to get super lucky with their modeling gigs.

02-12-18_7-37-40 PM

What sort of gigs has Jenni had recently? asked Kim.

She has a huge swimsuit gig coming up in two months that she’s really excited about.

That’s amazing!  I’m taking a couple months off but I’ve already got two shoots booked when I go back.  Some weird costume thing and then the sexy, secret one.

02-12-18_7-37-50 PM

A sexy secret?

Mia, are you sure you aren’t invested in my photos?

*laughs* Hey!  It’s not my fault Gideon shows me everything!  I think he wants me to validate that he wanks to-


Oh, is she not allowed to know?

02-12-18_7-38-15 PM

You’re such a bitch, you know that?

I do know that, but I’m so fucking sick of this.  He’s such a moron.  Two women (MODELS EVEN) are sending him pictures of them in their fucking underwear and he’s like oh but what if they don’t like me durrr.  FUCK YOU!  I’m going to ruin his plan of having two bitches.

I do.  I also know your voice so when I go to hop in the shower and hear you moaning, I’m well aware of what is going on.

Miaaaaa!  God damnit.

02-12-18_7-38-35 PM

Everyone masturbates Gideon, don’t worry about it.

I’m sorry guys, is my love talking about masturbation AGAIN?!  Baby, please stop.

02-12-18_7-38-50 PM

Aww.  Baby, you brought me a rose?

Of course I did.  Now, let’s get the fuck out of here.  I’ve got some amazing plans that involve getting naked in a hot tub.

Peace out bitches.

Good luck buddy.

Gideons POV

I can’t fucking believe that Mia would bring that shit up.  I don’t even wank it in the shower, that lying bitch.

Mia sure is something, isn’t she?

Yeah, sorry about that.  She really enjoys opening her mouth and spewing shit out.

02-12-18_7-38-53 PM

I think I understand her point though.

You do?

Sort of.  I think you’re fucking attractive as hell Gideon.  We’re good friends so I have no problem showing you some rough shots from my shoots but I won’t lie, turning you on is one of the reasons I send them to you.

02-12-18_7-38-58 PM

*laugh*  Oh, well then.  I thought you just valued my opinion.

02-12-18_7-39-46 PM

You really are an idiot.  Every girl in school wanted to date you, but you were too distracted.  It’s my turn to distract you.  Meet me back here in five minutes.  Change your clothes.

02-12-18_7-40-27 PM

Oh…this isn’t what I expected.

Oh really?

Yeah.  You were talking about how sexy I am and how you want to turn me on and then asked me to meet you.  I sort thought…

You thought I wanted to have extremely public sex with you in the dorm?

Well I mean…that’s sort of what we were talking about.

Good god Gideon.  You must be pretty horny to flirt with me.

02-14-18_10-46-14 PM

Put the red here?


Okay.  Kim, you’re gorgeous.  I’d be flirting with you, even if I wasn’t super horny.

After an hour or so spray painting the grass, a woman with bright pink hair and weirdly grey skin came up to us.

Ready sweetie?

Yeah, let’s go up to my room.

02-14-18_11-18-54 PM

Gideon, this is Lane.

You’re Gideon Eastman.

02-14-18_11-19-01 PM

I am.

Kimmy, sweetie, you didn’t tell me a celebrity would be here.

He’s my friend Lane.  Did you bring it?

02-14-18_11-19-08 PM

What is this?

What does it look like?


Kimmy, sweetie, he’s a virgin?

I’m not –

Yeah Lane, he’s never been high before.

02-14-18_11-19-18 PM

This shit is pretty rough Kimmy, you sure this little baby can handle it?

We’ll see, won’t we?

I barely even remember the night…
but the bits I do remember are insane!

02-14-18_11-26-14 PM 02-14-18_11-27-41 PM

I woke up with a major headache.

02-15-18_12-14-40 AM

I looked around.  Apparently Kim, Lane, and I had put some clothes on at some point.

Hey handsome.

Hey you.

Lets move to the loveseat.

I wrapped my arm around her chest.  Having her against me was an incredible feeling.

02-15-18_12-23-06 AM

You know we can’t be anything serious, right Eastman?

Why not beautiful?

I’m busy.  I’ve got school and modeling.  There’s no time for a boyfriend in the mix.

If that’s what you want, that’s fine by me.  We can just cherish this moment.  I know I’ve wanted this for a long time.

You’re pretty charming Eastman.

02-15-18_12-23-15 AM

Not really.  I can barely get a proper sentence out of my mouth when I’m around you.  Especially in that ensemble.

This is my one of a kind lingerie set actually.  They let me keep a set from the shoot I did last weekend.  The same company wants me back later.  They’re the one who booked me for the sexy, secret shoot.

You look stunning.

Even with this smeared makeup?

Absolutely stunning.

02-15-18_12-23-32 AM

We might not be able to be together, but that won’t stop be from stopping by your dorm from time to time.

My door is always open for you, beautiful.

02-15-18_12-21-33 AM


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