Gideons POV

Here we go!

02-07-18_11-05-38 PM

Started vet school today.
According to the professor, this is one of the smallest classes he’s ever had.
Just six of us.

02-07-18_11-08-26 PM

The old lady kept asking stupid questions.
I already don’t like her.

There’s one guy…Romeo I think was name.  He seems really awesome.  Then I met Lyrick (who is super hot) and Nanao.  The last guy in class is Matthew.  Everyone seems really nice and chill, except old Betsy.

02-07-18_11-09-46 PM

My name is Matthew Turner.  I volunteer at the Windenburg Vet Clinic and decided to go further with taking care of animals.  I’m a cat guy, I’m married with three children, and I enjoy watching documentaries when I’m not watching Paw Patrol.

02-07-18_11-24-05 PM

My name is Lyrick Newton.  I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was 11 and we took our old cat in to get looked at.  The vet, Mr. Nguyen, was able to help our cat AND inspired me to work with animals.  I also volunteer at my local vet clinic.  We actually have a small vet school in Twinbrook but this one is the best…so here I am.  No kids, no husband.

02-07-18_11-24-31 PM

Lyrick was really gorgeous in a different sort of way.
Man, my type really is just women isn’t it?

You’re up Mr. Eastman.

Hello.  My name is Gideon Eastman.  No kids, no wife.  I’ve wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember.

02-07-18_11-24-59 PM

I love dogs, so anything to help them is a win with me.  There are no vet clinics where I’m from and I’m hoping to build the first.

02-07-18_11-25-12 PM

Well, I’ve been in school for less than three weeks and Lyrick and I are already going at it like rabbits.

We’re not official or anything.  She’s not in to labels and I don’t care to tie myself down.

02-11-18_12-03-49 AM

She’s so much fun.  We go out to the local bar, have a few drinks, make out in front of everyone, and then come back to the dorm and fuck.  It’s a great non-relationship.  I actually have plans to go visit Jenni in a couple of days.  She wants me to give her my opinion on some of her photos.

I feel bad because I’ve been sort of blowing her off the last few weeks, especially since I’ve been spending a ton of time with Lyrick.  I’ll head over in a bit.

Jenni's POV

I know he’s been busy lately, but Gideon’s been ignoring me and I’m done with it.

I invited him over today under the premise of viewing some of my modeling photos.

Hopefully I can get the nerve to fucking ask him out.

Hey Gideon!

Hey Jenni, it’s been a while.

02-11-18_12-05-44 AM

Right?  We haven’t seen each other since graduation.

I know I’ve been really bad at texting you lately, I’ve been bad at texting everyone.  I’m really sorry.

Don’t worry about it babe.  You’re still great in my book.

So, you wanted me to review some photos?

02-11-18_12-06-21 AM

Yes please!  The ad comes out in a few days but Randi and I wanted to post a couple online.  I’ll show you the ones Randi and I picked and you let me know if they’re okay to show.  These ones won’t be used in the campaign, they’re leftovers.

Sure.  Show me what you’ve got.



These ones are some of my favorites from the whole shoot.  They let me keep the jeans so that was really amazing.

These are amazing Jenni!  Wait, these ones aren’t the ones that got picked?

Oh no.  They wouldn’t let Randi edit the ones that got picked.  It’s all separate.  I just wear their clothes and someone takes pictures.

Jenni, these are fucking amazing.  You’re gorgeous!

02-11-18_12-08-42 AM

*blushes* Thanks Gideon.  There are a few more.



These are from my third shoot.  It’ll be out in a few weeks.  It was a bridesmaid dress shoot and it was so much fun!  The other girls there were so so so nice and they really helped me with some poses.

Jenni, once again, these are fucking amazing.  I think you could be wearing a freaking trash bag and people would still drool over your photos.

Wow Gideon, it almost sounds like you find me attractive?

02-11-18_12-08-53 AM

Who doesn’t Jenni?

02-11-18_12-09-13 AM

Gideon Eastman, you’re a tough cookie to crack.

02-11-18_12-09-19 AM

Gideons POV

I’ve been watching Jenni’s Simstagram feed lately and her captions have me intrigued.

IMG_5010 (2)


Am I the guy she’s been talking to?
Because we’ve been talking.
We’ve texted everyday since she showed me those amazing pictures.


I wish I had enough confidence to just ask her out.


I even told Lyrick that I was tired of her.
Fucking rude, I know.
But man…

Jenni sure is something else, isn’t she?


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