Park's POV

Wuv you Par.

12-03-17_11-41-38 PM

I love you too Granger.

Where Mommy?

Working late.

She’s been working late almost every night, some big showcase coming up next year.
The kids ask about her every night.

12-03-17_11-41-45 PM

When Mommy be home?

Pretty soon.  She’s working hard to get you new wallpaper.

12-03-17_11-41-55 PM

It was nice that Gala was such a great kid.
She was constantly helping with the little ones so I could nap.

God I’m getting old.

Where’s Park?

Par poopin’.

Gamora, I have an idea.  How would you like Park to be your daddy?

Par is uncle.

12-03-17_11-46-04 PM

Sort of…but don’t you wanta a daddy?

I have Mommy.  She good.

I can see you won’t be much help.  Guess I’ll have to scheme on my own.

12-03-17_11-46-24 PM

A day off?

Finally!  I’ve been working 13 days straight, 12 hours days.  I miss being home with you and the kids.  I don’t even have to work until perendinate.

Oh, you miss me do you?  Also…that word…what does it mean?

Oh sorry.  It’s the word of the day on my advent calendar.  It means “to put off until the day after tomorrow.”

12-03-17_11-46-59 PM

Hey.  The moment you feel welcome, you have to leave. *laugh*

I haven’t heard her laugh in weeks.  It’s a wonderful sound.

You spacing off?

I was just imagining the kids all crying because Mommy kicked out Uncle Par.

12-03-17_11-47-09 PM

Eventually they’ll get your name right.

It’s just funny how they can say the K in other things, but they really don’t want to add it to the end of my name.

12-03-17_11-47-33 PM

Right?  They have no problems with kick or trick!

Those rascals; they’re probably doing it on purpose.

Sounds about right.  Just like their father, they’re going to be a giant pain in my ass.

12-03-17_11-47-46 PM

I watched her face as she mentioned Jace and for the first time, her face didn’t fall.  Usually, her face falls just a bit after her laugh, but not today.  Finally.  Not today.

Fiora's POV

I awoke from my dream sweating.  I couldn’t believe it…I’d had my first naughty dream in years.  I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower but I was still feeling lit up.  Excited?  It’s been so long…HORNY!  That’s the word.  God, I’m getting old.

I took the liberty of pleasing myself in the bathroom.  I should have done it in the shower but I was more focused on cleansing myself of the dirty thoughts.

12-05-17_6-10-59 PM

The worst part?  I was dreaming of Park.
Or maybe that was the best part.

12-05-17_6-16-30 PM

After working 13 days straight, I was so glad to finally have some time off.  I took three days off so I could buy new things for the bathrooms.  I got my last little moment in with the old bathroom and then happily added some walls.

That’s right!  Bathrooms!  PLURAL!  Park had a great idea to split the bathroom into two since it was so large and I have to say, it was an amazing idea.  I’ll never take a bathroom for granted again!

I’m so glad the contractors got everything done in a day.  I can’t wait to shower in my OWN BATHROOM!

12-05-17_6-17-41 PM

Way to rub it in.  Us peasants over here have to shower in the community shower where the KIDS shower.  Can you even imagine?  I have to make sure I don’t step on any toys while trying to get into the tub, otherwise I might slip and break a hip.

I pity you, Park, getting so old so fast.

Well, at least I’m just getting sexier and sexier.  At least, that’s what my  Mom told me.

Mom’s have to say that shit.

You sure know how to make a guy feel good about himself, don’t you?

It’s not my job to make you have self-confidence.

You’re breaking my heart Fiora!

12-05-17_6-17-44 PM

I couldn’t agree with him.  I’m a widow…I’m damaged goods.
I accepted a long time ago that I was destined to be alone and I’m okay with it.
Am I?  No.
Yeah, I’m okay with it.

Hey mom, can I ask you something?

12-05-17_6-20-14 PM

Anything girl, what’s up?

12-05-17_6-20-20 PM

Do you have any pictures of my dad?

Of course I do.  You know where I keep them.

But why do you keep them?

12-05-17_6-20-48 PM

Because I loved your father, more than anything.  I like keeping them so that I never forget his face.  Plus, the twins never knew Daddy so it’s going to be nice for them to see his face when they get older and ask.

Well, I asked Gamora if she wanted a daddy and she said no.

She might change her mind.

But even if she does, we can’t have Daddy back.  We need a new Daddy.

Gala!  No one will replace your father.  Even if I magically found the perfect man and I fell in love, he would never replace your father.

Yeah, but I could call him daddy, right?

If you wanted to.

I would Mommy.  I barely remember Daddy but I know that you miss him.  I know he loved us more than anything but you deserve to be happy again Mommy.

12-05-17_6-21-28 PM

When did you get so smart?

I’ve got Daddy’s brain, you said so yourself.

Hopefully not certain parts of his brain.

I took a quick jog after my talk with Gala.  She doesn’t think I’m happy?  I’m happy.


I’m happy?

Yes, of course I am.

I’m happy.

How was your jog?

12-05-17_6-39-48 PM

It was relaxing.  How do you have less clothing on than when I left?

I gave Granger a bath and the little bugger got me soaked.

12-05-17_6-40-01 PM

That’s my little trouble maker.

That he is.

12-05-17_6-40-12 PM

His smile…


Remember those walls I built?
Well baby they’re tumbling down.

12-05-17_6-40-32 PM

They didn’t even put up a fight.
They didn’t’ even make a sound.

12-05-17_6-40-46 PM


It’s currently 12/26/2017 so also…late/early Happy Holidays! 😛
This won’t matter anymore but I went through and edited all my posts today to make them weekly and it’s strange to see them updated.  I had a lot of them weekly anyway because I’m really proud of Fiora’s story and I felt like…I can’t wait for you guys to read them so it only shaved three months off my posting time. 😀 Originally this post was scheduled for literally 1 year from today; 12/26/2018!  MAN!  A NEW STAR WARS WOULD BE OUT BY NOW! 😛

Anywho.  I hope you’re all well ❤

It’s now twice a week so now my dates are all super different.

It’s now THREE times a week so jeez!  Can you believe, this chapter was originally going to come out 10/31/2018?!  Holy moley!


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