—Halloween Party

Fiora tried to forget what she saw in the bathroom.  Luckily it was easy for her to forget.  When Neal wrapped her in his arms and put his lips on hers, she forgot everything around her and melted in to him.  She never felt like this with Day.  Was the booze?

11-12-17_12-29-05 PM

She wasn’t sure.  Maybe tomorrow morning he’d forget about her.  Maybe she’d forget about him.  But for now, they were locked in each others arms.

And then some shit went down.

At some point Fiora remembered someone walking past her and Neal.  They were standing in the hallway but they had snuck down here.  Besides Clary and Jace, no one else was down here.

But somewhere…somehow…Eleanor had come down here.

The moans that Clary had attributed to Clary were actually escaping Eleanor’s mouth.

And she was NOT with her fiancé.

11-12-17_12-29-08 PM

What a crazy Halloween party!

It was right when Park started yelling that Fiora left.  Neal took her back to her apartment and she passed out.  He was gone when she woke up, but that made sense.  He had to be at work at 7am to turn on the computers and let people in before the facility actually opened.

The next day, Fiora noticed that Day didn’t come in.  She hoped he had moved on and found happiness with Georgie but it was only one night.

11-12-17_1-02-26 PM

She also couldn’t stop thinking about Neal.  He had left a cute little note on her fridge.

I had a great time with you Fiora.  Can’t wait to spend more time with you.

So it wasn’t a one night stand.

For the last time guys, I’m still a virgin.

11-12-17_1-03-29 PM

But you let a boy stay the night with you?! 

We fell asleep cuddling.  It wasn’t a big deal.

Fiora!  You dated Day for what, two months?  He NEVER stayed the night with you.  YOU said you weren’t ready for what that might lead to.

I know guys!  I’m either a crazy prude or crazy horny.  There’s no inbetween apparently!

So Day never got you…excited?

I mean…a couple times.  With Day, it was like…an intense friendship with periods of kissing and fondling each other.  With Neal?  It was intense right off the bat.  We were just talking and then he was calling me gorgeous and blaming it on the fact that was already a little tipsy.  Then all of a sudden we were making out in this EXACT ROOM and I was giving him a blowjob.  That’s when I saw YOU Clary!  Let’s talk about that.



It’s fine, we can talk about me.  Yes, I let Jace push me over on the counter and bang my brains out.

But then he…

We talked about this.  Jace isn’t someone who can be with just one person.  I mean…I didn’t think he’d go and bang Eleanor, but I can’t tell him who to bang.

She’s engaged!  It’d be like if Neal was banging Tasha!  I’d be pissed.  Fiora would be pissed.  You’re so nonchalant about it Clary.  He cheated on you!

11-12-17_1-03-33 PM

It’s not cheating if we aren’t exclusive.  I don’t…I just don’t know if I want to even try and be exclusive with him.  Georgie swears they were exclusive and look what happened there.  Last night, he was with Eleanor an hour after he was with me.

Well, if you’re totally okay with it.  Baz and I talked about it and we think it’s just sort of embarrassing for you.  If you don’t care then we don’t care, right guys?

I’m more worried about Park!  Poor Park!  He’s such a nice guy and his fiancé was banging his boss THROUGH A SEE THROUGH DOOR!

Is he nice?  He never talks to anyone.

Yeah, I sat with him, Eleanor, and Neal last night.  That’s literally when I met Neal.  They seemed so in love.  He really loves her.  Apparently he’s so anti-social because he thinks everyone is gorgeous and he can’t stop himself from bringing it up.  It sounds silly, but talking to him is like being showered in compliments.

11-12-17_1-03-34 PM

Really?  He doesn’t seem like a nice guy to me.  Usually the quiet ones are the serial killers.

Should he be more like Jace?  Loud and proud and fucking every girl who works here?

Calm down Fiora.  She wasn’t saying anything about him.  You don’t need to attack her fuck boy.


Sorry Clary, I didn’t mean to be attacking him.  I’m so just irritated that he would embarrass you like that.

You guys keep saying he embarrassed me and really, I didn’t think about that.  Everyone totally saw us making out last night and everyone has seen us together the last couple weeks.  Eleanor was not only engaged but KNEW he was seeing me.  What a tramp.

Don’t forget it’s him too.  It takes two to tango.

Oh, hey Park.  Sorry.  This is super awkward and we’re going to leave now.

Actually, I’m going to stay.  Have a good rest of your lunch you two!

I’ll stay too…if that’s okay.

Of course it is Fiora.

11-12-17_1-04-11 PM

So Park.  I’m really sorry about everything that happened.

It’s fine.  I really hoped she had changed but it’s obvious she hasn’t.  I moved here for her, because she got this promotion.  At least I made some new friends so it wasn’t a total waste.

11-12-17_1-04-14 PM

You’re great Park!  Don’t let two idiots keep you down.

Thanks Clary.  You okay?

Yeah.  I’m just now thinking that maybe what Jace did was too much but I’ll work through those feelings at home with a large bottle of wine and some Jane Austen.

Sounds like a quality night.

11-12-17_1-04-38 PM

I didn’t realize you two were friends.

Yeah, we started talking a few months ago.  Park here is full of heart and a shit ton of sass.

Sass?  No way!

Oh totally.  I think he’s masking it a little since he doesn’t know you very well, but this guy is a totally fucking comic.

Hey Fiora, I forgot to tell you.  The whole reason I even came in here.  Neal was asking to see you.  He’s stuck at the desk.

Oh did he?  Then I suppose I’ll go find out what he wants.

Hey look who it is!  I was hoping I’d see you again.


Fiora hadn’t been in this situation before.  She was so unsure of every aspect of whatever was going on between her and Neal, she didn’t want to say anything stupid.

So…I just wanted to let you know that if you thought it was a one night stand, I will only be a LITTLE upset but I don’t want you to be pressured into seeing me again if you were just looking for someone to distract you.

11-12-17_1-06-28 PM

Oh holy shit, I was thinking the same thing!  I’ve never…been here before.  I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and we took things really slowly.  Last time was the first time I ever did anything spontaneous like that.

I like you Fiora.  I know I don’t know you very well, but I really like what I’ve seen so far and I like that you know what to do with your mouth.

Shush!  We’re at work!  Besides, I’ve never done that before.  You were giving me tips, remember?  I’m sure it got better the longer it lasted because I had someone giving me directions.

I remember the sound of you moaning.  You were enjoying it too.

SHUSH!  Let’s talk about this later.  God, you’re ridiculous.

So you’ll see me again?

Hopefully I’ll see you tonight.

Text me when you get home.  Feel free to send a little extra.

God you’re something different, aren’t you?

11-12-17_1-12-58 PM

This is it.  My lease is actually up in two weeks so I’m moving into a nicer place, but I’m totally going to miss this shit hole.

It’s great!  It’s got character.  Just like you.

You never turn off, do you?

Not when I’m around you.  I see your ass walk by and I’m instantly hard.

11-12-17_1-13-50 PM

Who even are you?!  You smooth motherfucker.

11-12-17_1-14-01 PM

Hopefully I’m someone you keep around.

11-12-17_1-14-18 PM

Because I really like you Fiora.  We only just met yesterday but it feels like we just connect, you know?

11-12-17_1-14-23 PM

I see what you’re doing.  You can just wrap your arm around me Neal.  You’ve seen me naked, which is more than anyone else has.


Really.  I’m a virgin.  My ex and I never did more than some kissing and a little bit of under the clothes fondling.

11-12-17_1-14-27 PM

Am I corrupting you, Fiora Eastman?

Does it count as corruption if I want it?

We’ll find out.

–Early November

Yeah, I’m finally all moved in.  You should come over!  I have a surprise.  No, it’s not that.

11-12-17_1-31-48 PM

No, it’s cuter!

11-12-17_1-31-56 PM

A cat?  You got a cat?

Sort of.  I think his owner was the previous tenant because he was so sure he lived here, he walked right in when I opened the door.

That’s sad as hell but also adorable.


11-12-17_1-37-35 PM

What’s his name?

His collar said Nixon.  I’m going to get him a new collar with my number on it though. 

It’s such perfect timing for you though.  You’ve been talking about getting a pet since we met.

11-12-17_1-38-32 PM

I know!  It worked out really well.  He loves me already.  I think they spoiled him because he does whatever he wants to.  Which is mostly just eating and laying all over everything.

He’s fucking adorable.

11-12-17_1-35-34 PM

*Three hours later*

Hey handsome.

Hey bae.  Where’s my little man?

11-12-17_1-40-45 PM

Oh I see, you’re only here for him then?

Duh.  You’re lucky you live with him, otherwise I’d never see you and eventually I’d forget your name.

Shut up and kiss me, you fucking idiot.

11-12-17_1-41-47 PM

Fiora and Neal were going strong, full speed ahead.

He came over every night when she got off work.  They spent most of their time watching movies but it inevitably lead to kissing.

11-12-17_2-34-45 PM

Fiora was eager to explore the things that got Neal off.  He loved her feet and often wanted her to help him release with them.  They had finally found a position that was comfortable for her and worked wonders for him.

She found herself getting excited just from his moans so she didn’t complain that he didn’t help her release very often.

11-12-17_2-37-16 PM

But she was happy.  Her friends were by her side, her man lusted after her constantly, and she FINALLY had a cat.



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