—Late September

I’ve seen how you look at him.  I used to give him the same look.  That “please fuck me in the conference room” look.  It’s all over your face.

11-11-17_11-55-43 PM

Fiora!  No way!  That’s so inappropriate.

Well, it’s what your face says.

11-11-17_11-54-58 PM

Alright.  I’ll admit, we’ve done a SHAMLESS amount of flirting.  At first I felt so bad for Georgie.  She seemed so nice…but Jace said she was really controlling and absolutely fucking crazy.  Apparently if he didn’t respond to a text within ten minutes, she’d start spamming his phone with shit like ‘oh you’re mad at me’ or ‘why don’t you love me anymore.’  Fucking batshit crazy.

She doesn’t really seem like that type of person.

Right?!  I saw the texts though.  Totally crazy shit!

Just make sure you’re not jumping in to anything.  Take your time, pace yourself.

11-11-17_11-56-23 PM

For being on your FIRST boyfriend, you’re pretty good at this advice shit.

Heh.  Thanks.

Fiora knew that Clary wasn’t going to listen to her advice.  Hell, she wouldn’t listen to her own advice.  If she had a chance with Jace, she’d take it in an instant.

11-11-17_11-58-15 PM

What Clary didn’t know was that Day hadn’t spoken to Fiora in four days.


Let’s find out.

Let’s rewind a bit.

11-11-17_11-59-35 PM

Baby…I need to tell you something.

What’s up?

I love you.  DON’T FREAK OUT!  I know this is a big step and we haven’t been together for a really long time but I just feel so…connected to you.  It’s hard to explain.


Oh.  Okay.  I feel connected to you too Day.

11-12-17_12-01-01 AM

I know you don’t love me right now but I’m happy to move forward with you.  I’m happy for the day, sooner rather than later though, you tell me you love me.

But what…what if that day doesn’t come?

11-12-17_12-01-07 AM

Don’t get upset but what if I’m not someone who can be in love?  I really care for you Day but you’re my first boyfriend.  I don’t know who I am when I’m with someone.  What if my feelings never budge from where they are now?

So you don’t think you’ll ever love me?

No!  That’s not what I’m saying.  My Grandfather wrote in his diary that he dated before he found his wife and that he knew from the moment he met her that she was the one.  Is that how it is with everyone?  My dad wrote in his journal that he loved Farin and Furio’s mother with his entire heart and was completely heartbroken when she cheated on him.  He thought he’d never get over it.  He never once said my mother was his soul mate, she was just there I think.  He needed someone to help him and love him and she just happened to be his only other female friend.  What if we’re settling for each other?  What if-

SETTLING?!  You think being with me is you SETTLING?

11-12-17_12-01-13 AM

No!  I’m just…I’m not saying the right words.  Day, I care for you so deeply it surprises me sometimes.  I always just assumed I’d be a spinster with eight cats.  I’m blue for fucks sake!  Who wants to date someone who is BLUE?!  But then you came along and you’re so kind and gentle and you’re my best friend.  Every girl dreams of marrying her best friend.  I just don’t see that.  YET.  I don’t see that YET.  Who knows what the future holds?

You’ve lost me.  So you think you could love me but you don’t love me right now?

Something like that.

It’s easy Fiora.  Do you think you’ll be able to love me?

I can’t predict the future Day.  I know it seems strange but…I’m so worried I won’t be able to love you the way you love me.

That’s weird Fiora.  That’s strange.  I’ve got to go.  I need some space.  I need to think about this…about us.

11-12-17_12-01-49 AM

And he left.


What just happened, she thought to herself.  How did it go from kissing and cuddling to a possible break up?  Fiora was confused as hell and it didn’t help that he ignored her texts.

Then, shortly after talking to Clary, he finally texted her.

I asked for space and you can’t stop texting me.  Delete my number.  We’re over.


Well.  I guess that’s that.

–Early October

Fiora was having a hard time being depressed.  Her best friends were having such great moments in their lives.  Daniel and Natasha were going strong (still) and Baz had invited her over  to meet his brand new boyfriend.  FINALLY!

But first, movie day with Tasha.

I’m sorry Daniel.  I promised myself I wouldn’t get upset while you’re around.

11-12-17_12-04-42 AM

It’s fine Fi.  Everyone gets upset when they’re dumped.

He’s right you know.  This is your first breakup and you’re handling it like a champ for someone who was dumped via text message.

God I still can’t believe he did that.  It’s breakup code 101 – no texting the breakup.  Maybe you’re actually his first girlfriend Fi, otherwise he’s a fucking moron.

It’s fine guys.  I bought myself a frumpy breakup sweater and it’s so fucking warm, I literally never take it off while I’m at home.  I got myself a new plant.  I was thinking about adopting a cat but there are no pets allowed in the apartment.

11-12-17_12-04-54 AM

Textbook breakup stuff.  You got more than just a sweater, didn’t you?  I’ve seen some new shirts and stuff too.  You’re going to be totally fine.

11-12-17_12-05-23 AM

Seeing him at work is so hard…

Fi!  Focus!  You can’t think about that.  Let’s just watching the movie, okay?

Fifteen minutes later, the friends were shrieking over the dumb girl in the movie getting her head cut off and they had totally forgotten about the stupid blonde boy.

11-12-17_12-05-25 AM

11-12-17_12-05-25 AM-2


Alright you two, I’m leaving to go visit Baz and Magnus.

I’m still curious to know why he didn’t invite me!  I’m the other part of the trio!  What is this nonsense?!

But won’t you be here, making out with your man?  Because making out in your best friends apartment is better than going home and doing it.

It DOES add a bit of surprise to the whole act of kissing.

Ugh.  Weirdos.  Stop being so happy when I’m so upset.

Maybe later.

Alright nerds, I’m changing and then leaving.  Lock the door when you leave and no sex on my bed.

11-12-17_12-06-18 AM

Like we’d have sex in this mouse hut.

Fiora walked the four blocks to her other best friends house and was saddened to find more gross love when she walked in.

11-12-17_12-27-49 AM

Excuse me!  You know I’m going through a breakup so stop being so happy.  I just told Natasha the same thing.

You must be Fiora.

Holy shit, you pronounced it right.  No one gets it the first try.

Baz definitely did NOT train me on the proper way to say your name for a solid 10 minutes before you got here.

Of course he did.  As they laughed, Fiora found herself cheering up.

11-12-17_12-28-29 AM

And she stayed happy.  Magnus was delightful and she was so happy for Baz, finally finding a man worth bringing home and introducing to his friends.  His family had disowned him when he was 15 and he had a rough few years after that, but now he’s got his own apartment (three times better than Fiora’s) and a handsome ginger boyfriend.


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