Early August

Fiora has realized that her intense crush on her boss needs to cool off.

So she has accepted an offer from Day.

For a date.

In the day.


And why did the crush cool off?


Fiora had a stupid thought in her stupid head that maybe…just maaaaybe a god like Jace actually liked her.  That crooked smile was just for her.  Those gorgeous grey eyes could only see her.

Well, they saw her and everyone else.
Including Georgie.

10-29-17_11-20-53 PM

To her own surprise, Fiora wasn’t angry or sad.  Sort of relieved to be honest.  Yes, Jace was still extremely gorgeous and he should be in jail for how HOT he is, but that’s the exact reason why they would never be together.

Fiora saw herself as a 5…maybe a 6.  Jace?  Jace was a 14.

I really love the Avengers movies but, being honest here, I’ve never read a comic in my entire life.  I enjoy the art that I see but I’ve never sat down and read them.

I understand.  A lot of people see comics as a “kid” thing but they’re so much more than that.  Captain America is justice and goodness and Hulk is just a fucking badass all the time.  It’s really intense and most of the story arcs are great.

10-29-17_11-22-30 PM

I’m more in to binging Netflix shows.

I can dig that.  What do you watch?

It’s like a mixed bag.  A ton of anime, sometimes I’m in the mood for movies, I’m really excited about Strange Things season 2.  Natasha and I just binge watched the whole thing the day it came out.  So good!  Highly recommend!

Maybe we can watch it together?

10-29-17_11-22-39 PM

Maybe we can.

Why don’t we go out tomorrow?  We can walk down the trail and just enjoy being outside.  Then if we don’t hate each other, maybe watch Stranger Things?  I haven’t ever seen it so-


What?!  YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT?!  It’s a date Day!  Man, I hope I don’t hate you so I can introduce you to the world of Hawkins.

10-29-17_11-22-57 PM

Good.  I’ll swing by your place around 4?

Works for me.

And that’s how they came to this.  Wandering around town, laughing and staring at people dressed strangely, and in the case of Day…staring at Fiora.

10-29-17_11-24-48 PM

This has been a really great day Day.  Man, that’s weird to say.  What were your parents thinking?

I ask them that all the time.  My brothers have horribly normal names so I’m not sure what was going on.  Probably the drugs.

I appreciate that you’re a lanspresado and not afraid to admit it?

A what?

Lanspresado.  A person who conviently shows up with no money.

That perfectly describes me.

10-29-17_11-25-37 PM

I really did enjoy spending the day with you.  It’s been so nice to get outside and wandering around town.  I didn’t realize so many people would recognize me.

10-29-17_11-26-47 PM

I know you’re a shut in, but your family is incredibly famous.  You’ve got the generation heir polls and the yearly updates in the paper and-

What?  Yearly updates?

Yeah.  Every January they have a column about what has changed with the Eastman clan.  Some years it seems like the whole paper is just birth announcements while other years it has a string of birthdays and says “Come back next year for another update!”

That’s so weird.

It’s not weird though.  It’s how our town runs.  Your family FOUNDED Newcrest and you guys are still here, trying to maintain everything you’ve built and find ways to make it better.  You’re eighth generation right?  It’s amazing!

10-29-17_11-26-57 PM

Man, being out of the house really shows me things I’ve never seen.  And I don’t just mean that weird colored fish we saw earlier.

Usually the current heir writes the next heir a letter.  I’m sorry you didn’t get that.  The town archives the letters if you want to go read some old ones.

Maybe one day.  She said that out loud but in her head, she knew she’d never go read those letters.  Her ancestors may not have even approved of her species, hell they probably didn’t even know aliens existed.  What would they think of her father, who gave BIRTH to an alien?

Let’s go back to my place and watch Stranger Things.  The sun will go down soon and this jacket is for looks only.

But before she turned around to leave, she had a crazy idea.
Day was a great guy.
So kind and gentle.

She swooped in for a kiss before she could talk herself out of it.

10-29-17_11-27-49 PM


Okay guys.  Really though.  It’s October 30th, 2017 and Stranger Things season 2 WAS GREAT!  It’s so hard to find any good gifs because it JUST came out but man…SO GOOD!


>>>>>EDIT: March 14th, 2018


I meant to only get 4…but now there’s a lot.

18972310_everything-i-loved-about-stranger_ta70d7cc7 anigif_sub-buzz-6155-1509548503-9
anigif_sub-buzz-13150-1509386679-1 giphy

knocks source giphy (1)

tumblr_oylr2gQ0gE1tvua8uo2_400 original (1)
tumblr_p0tc8cW27y1veojsbo1_1280 strangerthings-steve-nancy


3 thoughts on “7.4

  1. First of all, Fiora’s a 10/10, but I’m glad she’s moving on from her crush on Jace. She and Day are cute, but I don’t trust him for some reason 🤔🤔 maybe it’s because he hadn’t seen Stranger Things lol

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