It wasn’t long before Fiora was feeling confident with her job and, you know, talking to people.

Day had come by and introduced himself.  He sits right next to Fiora, but did we really expect her to say hello first?


It’s a no, Bo.

I’m Day, your neighbor.

Hiya Day, I’m Fiora.

I figured since you were new you’d come by and introduce yourself.

You already expect too much of me.  Hahaha.  I’m more of an ‘ignore everyone around me’ sort of girl.

An introvert?  Interesting.  You know your job is talking to people all day, right?

10-29-17_9-38-02 PM

Fiora laughed.  Oh is that what I’m supposed to be doing?  I wondered what these red flashing boxes were here for.

Well I’m right here if you ever need me.  You can add everyone on MeowTime as well.  It’s a special work messaging system that Beth developed.  She should be working for Pear or Macrosoft with the skills she has!  She’s probably overworked and underpaid in this hole.

10-29-17_9-38-15 PM

Thanks Day.  I totally will!

When is your lunch today?

Umm, let me check.  — It’s at 3:30.

Awesome!  Mine too!  I’ll see you upstairs later then.

Day…we don’t have to meet upstairs.  We sit right next to each other, we can walk up there together.

I guess that’s an idea.

Early June

I can’t believe you don’t like your job here!

It’s a job.  It’s sort of boring, you know?  We just sit here answering messages when they come in for people who don’t know how to use a website.  News flash!  If you can figure out how to message me, you can figure out how to properly place your order.

That’s true.  A ton of our traffic is people who just don’t scroll down far enough… BUT sometimes we get people who are actually having issues.

But how many of those can we fix?  We aren’t technical support.  We don’t place orders for people.

But we can explain the differences between two things they are looking at, and we can issue refunds, and exchanges for defective stuff.

10-29-17_10-57-43 PM

That’s all true, but I just don’t see myself staying here forever.  I jumped at this job because it pays three times as much as my old job, but this isn’t the end game for me.

10-29-17_10-57-56 PM

That’s what Natasha keeps saying.

Because she’s a smart woman.

See Natasha, this is what happens when I try and make friends.  I get the people who hate the world.

The three of them laughed.  Fiora was having a great time getting to know Day and she could tell from the way he looked at her that he was having a great time with her as well.  She was still having her fantasies about Jace, but who wasn’t?

10-29-17_10-58-05 PM

Late June

I’m sorry Natasha, I just can’t help it.

We’ve been here for weeks already Fiora, shouldn’t your little crush be dying down?

Just because you have Daniel now doesn’t mean anything has happened for ME!

10-29-17_9-39-25 PM

Jace is incredibly swoon-worthy, I can agree with that, but it’s not all about looks Fee.  I’m with Natasha.  That crush has GOT to die down soon.  Besides, I don’t HAVE Daniel now.  We’re just…friends.

You can’t lie to me.  I saw that sweet embrace yesterday!

Shut up!  Okay, so we’re more than friends.  Whatever.  He believes it was fate that we met.  I don’t believe in fate, I believe in science.  How did I ever find myself attracted to a poet?

Baz, you’ve got to be on my side!  It can’t be 3 against 1.

10-29-17_9-40-06 PM

Hey, I’m with you Fee.  Jace is a fucking HUNK!  I see him talking with Georgie all the time and I get a little jealous because I don’t want anyone around him but me.

10-29-17_9-40-31 PM

Clary was another person quickly befriending our heiress.  She was loud and sassy, something Fiora really enjoyed.  She was the opposite of Natasha in many ways and Fiora liked having both of them around.

Right?!  Plus, my OCCASIONAL fantasies are so…hyper realistic.  I can almost feel them.  Some of them seem like MEMORIES.

That’s intense Fee.

I know Baz, and it’s probably not healthy.  I’ve never had a crush before…

Now you’ve got two!


C’mon Fee!  Baz and Natasha will back me up on this.  We’ve seen the way you look at Day.  It’s not the same look you give Jace when you think no one is looking, but it’s a look.  Less “I want to fuck you in that swivel chair” and more “I want to Netflix and chill and by chill I mean cuddle and eat nachos.”

Fiora hadn’t given much thought into Day honestly.  Yes, she was aware that he obviously had a thing for her and YES she was aware that she didn’t find him repulsive…but dating someone at work?  The occasional fantasy about her boss?  That was okay.  But dating someone?

Early July

She and Daniel had been official for a while now and while Fiora found is amazing, she also found it slightly irritating.

I just can’t understand how you think it was a good idea to kill of Glenn.  He was INTEGRAL to the show!

They’re all important but it’s also important to show that on TWD, anyone can leave.  Lori was a surprise death to a lot of people.  I was more surprised they killed off Abraham, to be honest.  Glenn was amazing but killing him off gives Maggie a great story!  She lost her family, her sister, her father and she found Glenn.  NOW she’s lost the one person holding her down.

Fiora found it hard to carry on a conversation with Baz with Natasha and Daniel around, they were always so passionate about whatever their topic was that day.

10-29-17_10-47-26 PM

But one thing Natasha couldn’t ruin?

Her time with Jace.

Fiora was WELL AWARE that her crush was a bit intense.  Creepy intense.  She had tried to dial it back but he always seemed to pay special attention to her.  Maybe because their desks were so close or because she was the newest rep, it didn’t matter much to her.

10-29-17_10-49-29 PM

I just want you to know that you’re doing an amazing job here.  Your courtesy scores are an average of 98.3% and 43% of your guests take your survey.  You have the highest survey take rate on my team!

10-29-17_10-49-41 PM

Thanks boss!  I’m trying my hardest!

No need to call me that Fiora, Jace is just fine.



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