Casting Call <3

Hellllllllo everyone! ❤
I hope everyone is having a marvelous time doing whatever it is you’re doing at this moment.



SO.  I’m looking for some sims!

The Rules Homie

  • I only need a handful of sims so feel free to just make 1 human sim but if you choose to make 2, please make two different genders.  I’m looking for females and males.
  • Try to limit the CC.  I don’t have a tooon of CC in my game and I’m always cautious about downloading it.  If your sim really just needs that CC hair, please make it Maxis Match and link me the download but I may change their look anyway.
  • The only thing I’m missing is the newest SP, My First Pet Stuff or whatever.
  • Please post in the gallery using #eastmansims or you can post the link here (pictures are cool too).
  • Back story is cool but it honestly may not be used.
  • One sim will be a murderer bad person but it’s a surprise!
  • The sims won’t be featured until Gen 9/Gen 10 and that’s a solid year away, unless I start pushing out 3 or 4 chapters a week (which tbh will probably happen soon since I’m almost done).


I’m sure I’m missing something but I have no idea what it is.

giphy (2) tenor

I’ve never done a casting call before so…
Also, if I do end up tweaking your sim a bit please do not be angry.
I will use all creations at some point in Gen 9 or 10

Cutoff Date : March 20th

I know it’s not a super long time but I’m soooo far ahead so I have to stop playing to submit this.
I’ll probably spend the next few days editing my scheduling so that I’m getting out three chapters a week.


Decision made.
The Eastman’s will officially start updating Every Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday starting next week!

Now to edit all 67 pending posts.

You’re all wonderful and thanks for your time!

 tumblr_oy3zrjJpgS1wd0zf4o1_400 980x (1)


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