Full disclosure here people.  I wrote 80% of Gen 7 before I came back to Gen 6.  Why?  Because so FAR, Gen 7 is at 25 chapters.  TWENTY. FIVE. CHAPTERS. There’s actual plot and story line and I use POSES!  POSES!!!  Iknowright?  WhoamI?  Hopefully you guys like it.  I’ve spent a lot of time on it.  Plus, my best friend googled me somehow and found my story so I made him proof read all my chapters to check for fuck ups and run ideas by him.  He won’t see this probably because he’s finished reading everything but JUSTIN, I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!  Ahem.  So now I’m coming back to Ezra for two reasons.

1. It needs to be done.  Can’t skip him.
2. I’m editing the scheduling dates on all my freaking chapters and I’m to the point where I need these chapters to be scheduled so I can re-schedule all of Gen 7.
3. I’m editing the scheduling dates AGAIN on all my chapters to give everyone two a week and also to punish myself.

Alright.  I’ve re-read the last chapter.  I think I have screenshots somewhere.  I hated Gen 6.  Hated it. HATED. IT.

I’m Wolfgang and season 6 is the car.


Alright.  Reeling it in.

My precious Diesel! ❤ I love him so much!

08-12-17_8-47-50 PM

Gotta get buff like Dad…gotta get buff…

Ezra, sweetie, as someone who has played you for hours and hours…you never get buff like your dad.
So stop.

08-12-17_9-23-36 PM

Dad, I’m just saying.  Aliens are way smarter than us.  Margaery and Marvin are top of the class, with Asuna and Theon right after them.

I’m not saying that’s not true, I’m just saying you can’t count humans out of the equation.

08-12-17_9-38-40 PM

When I was a child, we never thought aliens were even real.  This conversation wouldn’t even be happening.

Your mothers right.  This is all new to us oldies.  Sure, I’m a grumbletonian from time to time, but aliens?

08-12-17_9-38-55 PM

With Diesel’s old age, he spent a lot of his time outside by the bird feeder.

08-12-17_10-36-00 AM

Son, you’re going to carry on the legacy.  I know that may seem strange and scary right now, but I have faith in you.

Thanks Dad.  What am I building?

You’ll find all that out in the letter I wrote you.  It gets delivered after I pass.  Just keep building your skills so you can get a great job.

08-12-17_10-56-46 AM

Are you sure he’s ready?

We don’t have a choice Pheebs.  I’m only getting older.

He just seems too immature to do these things on his own.

08-12-17_11-03-46 AM

He’ll be fine.  It might hit him like a fucking train, but he’ll figure it out.

08-12-17_11-03-56 AM

I know Diesel, I’m just worried.  Maybe we babied him too much?

Ezra is his own man.  We showed him what it is to be amazing parents so he can carry that to his children.  We both work hard every day to teach him work ethic and there are constant reminders of his history all over the house.  He’ll be fine.


I look amazing with this grey hair.

Baby, you’ve looked amazing since the day I met you.

08-15-17_2-17-00 PM

But not every day was filled with flirty compliments and alien research.

Grim came and took Diesel away from us.  TOO SOON!

08-15-17_2-39-36 PM

08-15-17_2-39-59 PM


RIP Diesel ❤
I looooooved him!


Pheebs spent a lot of time mourning the love of her life.
Too much time.
She was always sad.
I know everyone mourns in their own way…but ffs.

08-15-17_2-43-14 PM

Ezra, however, found other ways to keep himself preoccupied.

08-15-17_2-52-57 PM

I really like you Asuna.

I like you too Ezra.

08-15-17_3-23-15 PM

Become a young adult meant building a rocket and exploring space.

This will be how Ezra makes money; selling space junk.

08-15-17_3-30-34 PM

I just don’t know what to say to her.  I think I love her and I…what if she doesn’t love me back?

08-15-17_3-32-21 PM

Ez, you can’t think like that.  If you love her, just tell her.

But she’s been ignoring my calls and texts for days now.

Whatever.  She’s probably going through the same thing.

08-15-17_3-32-44 PM

You think?


Wow, thanks Marvin!  You’re pretty good at giving advice.

08-15-17_3-32-48 PM

Sort of.  I’m just telling you what you want to hear.  I think it’s best to be honest.  Invite her over.

So he did.

08-15-17_3-32-53 PM

Asuna, I know you’ve been ignoring me the last couple days but can you come over? It’s important.

Be there in 10

Well, it so happens that Asuna was ignoring Ezra for a completely different reason.

You’re pregnant?

Apparently you can get pregnant from the first time!

Really?  I thought you couldn’t because your body – nevermind.  Asuna, I love you and I love our child.

08-15-17_3-34-13 PM

You…you love me?

Yes.  I do.  I’ve been talking with Marvin about how to say it and he said ‘to just blurt it out.’

Well, I love you too Ezra.  I think.

That’s enough.

08-15-17_3-34-19 PM

Move in with me.  I’m sure my mom will be thrilled to have another woman in the house.

08-15-17_3-34-45 PM

Of course I will Ez.


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