I went to visit Dexter…which in itself is such a weird sentence.

I went to visit my DEAD older brother.
That sentence is just BEGGING for someone to ask a bunch of questions.
I’ve just been so uhtceare lately…

08-08-17_4-29-30 PM

I told him all about how Mom is dating (possibly multiple men? this still confuses me) and I caught him up on Phoebe.  Now that he’s a living ghost, he doesn’t have a phone.  He says it takes away too much time.  I understand where he’s coming from.  He died so suddenly it was a shock to everyone so of course he’d want to spend all his time with his family.

We talked about our siblings and their families and how Ryleigh is expecting (ghost babies?).  We finally circled back around to me and I told him the big news.  He was excited for me.  He started talking a mile a minute about how AJ and DJ (Arjun Jacob and Dexter Jr.) were the best part of his life and how excited he is to have another child.

08-08-17_4-30-35 PM

His boys are adorable and honestly, I don’t see them enough.  I don’t see any of my nephews or nieces enough.  Life really kicks your ass, doesn’t it?

When I was leaving I saw Joelle.

I totally forgot she lives there!

Apparently her husband just bought a house and they are renovating it so she can move in before her newest baby is born.  I can’t imagine having TWO pregnant sims in the house!

08-08-17_4-31-58 PM

I’m happy for her.  She seems really happy with Fred (George? Harry? Ron? Whatever his name is).

And lucky me, I came home right in time.

08-08-17_4-40-51 PM

I heard Pheebs screaming from the bedroom.  I figured she was having those fake contractions again but it was the big time!

She twirled out a beautiful baby boy, Ezra.

08-08-17_4-42-43 PM

Look at our precious little one Diesel.

08-09-17_9-21-31 PM

Time with Ezra seemed to fly by.  Soon he was walking and getting in to things and needing a bigger bed.  He was learning to talk (and say no) and scream and always wanted us to read him stories.

08-09-17_9-33-24 PM

08-09-17_9-33-40 PM

He had us wrapped around his little finger.

We did anything and everything he asked us to.

It was a perfect life.

08-09-17_9-44-45 PM

We decided when Ezra was a couple days old that we would try to have another baby but not make it a top priority.  I knew I didn’t want more than 2 but Ezra…he’s so perfect I’m torn between giving him a sibling and letting him be our only baby.

Pheebs and I were back to our younger antics anyway.  Once she was healed from giving birth, she was constantly wanting to woohoo.

08-09-17_10-41-20 PM

Then Mom passed away.

08-09-17_10-52-48 AM

Grim came and took her like it was just another day at work.

08-09-17_10-53-01 AM

I was so happy that she was able to meet and spend time with Ezra before she passed.  She loved that little boy and he loved his Nana.

Pheebs was kicking ass at work and spent a lot of time at home painting.

Look how gorgeous she is!

08-09-17_10-56-05 PM

In 100 years I never would have thought I’d deserve someone so amazing.
She’s everything I needed, before I knew I needed it.

Life flew by.  Soon it was our boy’s birthday!

08-09-17_11-12-56 PM

We were still trying to conceive but we weren’t disappointed that it hadn’t happened yet.  I was at the top of my career and Pheebs was so close to her dreams as well.

Our goofy baby boy grew up into a very handsome young man.

08-09-17_11-24-24 PM

We did a tiny bit of redecorating to his old room so that he had a playroom.

It was easier to manage the toys if they were contained to one room.
Saying that makes me feel like a materialistic snob.

08-09-17_11-25-28 PM

His favorite thing was his galaxy light.  He carried that in to each room with him, constantly asking questions that his mother and I knew nothing about.  Neither of us were science nerds.  The only things we knew about aliens were what we read on Footbook.


But he was always online, doing research about if aliens were real and how to spot them.

I remember when he told us he read a tip stating if an alien is feeling an extreme emotion, it will glow.

Glowing aliens?  That seems a little TOO strange.


But I want him to be passionate about something the way his mother is passionate about painting and I’m passionate about mixology.

and then…we saw it.

An alien.


Just wandering down the street.

08-10-17_10-18-00 AM

Pheebs and I were in disbelief.  Aliens?  Were real?  Not just a bedtime story?

Ezra took this as a sign from the Watcher.
He tried to follow the toddler back to it’s house but it got too dark and we called him back home.

But now he knows.
We all know.


So today is 2/12/2018 and this chapter is coming out in TWO DAYS!
BUT I have so much ready for you guys.
I really hope you guys are enjoying the story.
I just want to be honest.
Gen 6 was hard for me to play AND hard for me to write.
Things happened much faster than I had anticipated in game (I forgot to take WW off 80% successful for babies because IHATEMYSELF) and it really irritated me.
It comes out.
I’m not proud of gen 6 but when I got back to rewrite it to be less…awful…I just can’t.
Gen 6 will be coming at two chapters a week.
I’ve got chapters set up until legit January of 2019 so while it sucks having to edit all my publish dates for 47 chapters, I just want you guys to get into gen 7.

Gen 7 is a whole new area for me.
I wrote 30+ chapters for Gen 7.
I really wanted you guys to have a real story to get in to.
I was inspired by Second ChancesAshes to AshesNo Stars Over UptownMarks We Leave, and New Beginnings (which I still haven’t caught up on yet but it’s so good!) to create something that was more than what I had been producing.  I’ve been inspired since Colette in Gen 4, but I never sat down and really invested.  I’m proud of Colette and Diesel, but Gen 7 is almost like a fresh start.

So I hope everyone can bear with me through Gen 6 and I hope you enjoy Gen 7 🙂


2 thoughts on “5.11

  1. Awww…I am honored you are inspired by some of the other simlit writers! Thank you for the mentions. This chapter was a hoot what with the ghosts, aliens, births, deaths, and wicked whim woohoo! Looking forward to more. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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