(Part two will be out next week)


It’s time!  Dory’s photography thing opens today.


You ready for this?  There is going to some stuff in here that might shock you.

Nothing that you are a part of will shock me Phee.  You aren’t that type of girl.


I saw her smile falter.

Babe, don’t worry.  Even if you’ve got nudes in there, I wouldn’t be surprised.  You see art in things most people wouldn’t find artistic.

Nudes?!  No way!

I laughed.

You’re amazing, you know that?  I’m ready!

Okay…but first there is this little flower maze.


The maze was just some hedges but there were no dead ends, each path led you to the end.

That whole maze was like cheating!  It didn’t matter which way you went, you got here easily.

Well, we didn’t want to deter people from finding us!


I noticed how the lights of the fountain cascaded around her, giving her glows of all different colors.

She really is beautiful in every way.

Romeo, stop staring and let’s hustle.  You’ve just got to make it over this little bridge and we’re there.


I said hustle Diesel!  Are Eastman’s naturally slow?


Wow!  Phee, this place is amazing!


I’m glad you like it.

Which ones are yours?

That’s the point.  I painted 12 of these but we didn’t put our names on them.  It’s anonymous.  People can just come in and view art without worrying about any outside influence of a specific artists name.  Like, if an Eastman painted some of these…people might come in just to see hers.  This way, they never know and they can appreciate everything we have to offer.

Someone in my family painted some of these?

Of course silly!  Dory isn’t just a great photographer, she’s also a pretty solid artist.  She has an artistic preference though.

She never mentioned she likes painting to me.


She’s full of surprises.

Life is full of surprises if you are open to them Diesel.


You ready to appreciate some art?

Let’s do it!

Now we all know I’m not an art lover, but any time with Phee is always a great time.  I tried to poke a little fun at some of the art and she came down on me like a hammer.

Diesel, someone poured their heart and soul in to this piece.  Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s okay to say something negative.  This is a no negativity space.  You may think the piece is silly or done badly or basic, but to the person who painted it; they’re proud of it.  And hundreds of people will come in and appreciate that same piece.

She had a way of telling me I was an asshole without actually telling me I was being an asshole.
Is it weird that it made me excited?
Excited to see where we were going, excited to see my future.
Excited to think that this woman…this is the woman I want to spend my future with.

It’s crazy to think that just a week ago I was a selfish douche, flaunting my last name and treating women like they were garbage.

Now I’m in an art gallery with this woman that I’m falling in love with, appreciating art that just looks like someone painted their mom.  Life man…life.


As we finished walking the room and viewing the art, I stopped.

Didn’t Dory have photographs here?  I only saw paintings.

Follow me.


Alright Diesel, are you ready for this?  We have two other rooms here…one with Dory’s story and one with a karaoke machine.  We’re going to go into Dory’s space but I just want you to remember what I said to you.  These photos might not be something you appreciate, but their art and their beautiful.

Got it.  Don’t be a dick.


Her laugh was magical.



Remember.  No judging.



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