My mom bought me this.  She said hers was really helpful for her teenage angst.

Grandma said it was just that my mom really enjoyed getting frisky.

Frisky is apparently my families middle name.

Dory is dating this total babe named Blanca.  When we were kids, her little brother asked Dory on a date and she pushed him off the monkey bars.  Small world, right?


They’re super happy together.  She was really worried what our parents would say when she came out to them but they were incredibly supportive.  You hear about those horror scenes where parents disown their kids but it was absolutely nothing like that.  Thank goodness, I’d never talk to my parents again if they reacted like that.

I’ve been casually seeing this girl, Joelle.  She’s a year older than me and she dresses like frisky is her first name.

Dory tells me I shouldn’t say stuff like that.  She says that women can dress however they want, it doesn’t mean they want to get frisky.  Sis!  Joelle’s boobs are RIGHT THERE!  What else could it mean?


She seems pretty bored with me though.  We’ve hung out a couple of times and she’s incredibly sexy but we bore each other.

She won’t be the mother to my children, but I’m living in the moment.


Even Dustie has found someone.  He was her first friend outside the house, Masato.

They’re really cute together and he laughs at all her stupid jokes.

I’m pretty sure they’re going to get married straight out of high school.


I feel like that’s just throwing away your life.

I’d never marry Joelle!  I’d never marry any of the women I’ve met.
They’re all so shallow.
Interested in my name and my money, not my heart.

That sounds so cheesy but it’s true.

Darcie is on her second pregnancy.  She’s just popping out kids like crazy I guess.


Mom loves it though.  She loves being a grandma.  She goes over to Darcie’s every couple of days to spend time with Titus and now with twins on the way, she’ll get to cuddle even more babies.



Nothing good today.

My older brother Dexter moved out yesterday and in with his fiance’s family.
Ryleigh is actually Joelle’s older sister.
So that’s weird, right?

None of that matters though.

They were so happy together.
Perfect for each other.
Eastman’s are great at meeting their soul mates it seems.



But then something happened.

They eloped.
Dexter was so happy…Ryleigh says he wouldn’t stop smiling.
Then he started laughing.
And he didn’t stop.

He died.

My older brother…Dexter…is gone.

From laughter!


Ryleigh called us right away.
She had other news.
She’s pregnant.
She never even got to tell him!

The good news…if it counts as good news…is Dexter came to see her the night after he passed (so last night).

Joelle sent me a SimChat of it!


Ryleigh got to tell him she was pregnant after all.
Now his ghost won’t leave!

Joelle said he’s constantly just floating around and haunting things.

He was always an overachiever, even in death it seems.

But that’s not all.

Mom and Dad went to visit Ryleigh and Dexter today in Windenburg.


It was a great visit!  Everyone had a great time.  They wanted to stay until Ryleigh gave birth but Mom had to work.


He passed away shortly after they got home from their trip.


I overheard a weird conversation between Grim and Mom.

Your time isn’t soon Setti.  Your father came to me too early and now you will stay here longer to makeup for the loss.

I don’t want to stick around Grim!  I want my husband back!  And my son!  MY SON!  How could you?

I warned him.  I told him to call down or his heart would give out.


I’m sorry Setti, but I don’t try and save people.  I reap.  It’s what I do and who I am.

I walked away after that.
Not a conversation I ever thought I’d hear…but it wasn’t for me so it felt wrong to eavesdrop.




With the last few days being so depressing, I decided to snap out of it.

I went to Joelle’s and we had sex for the first time.
In a bathtub.


It was GREAT!
Though she seemed…bored.


I did meet my nephews though, A.J. and D.J.

Turns out the house is filled with babies!

Arjun James and Dexter Jr. were really cute and the other baby was cute too.
She’s Ryleigh and Joelle’s little sister.


God I never want to have three babies!

That’s outrageous!

Uncle Caspian called and said he and his new (extremely young) wife are expecting twins.
Her name is Hazel and she was in Dexter’s year in school.


Mom had the heir talk with me…again.

Sweetie, I just want you to know there is no need to rush yourself.  You can build whatever you want and you don’t have to rush having a family either.  Do everything at your own pace.


Mom knows I don’t have any real goals.  I’m enjoying just being a dishwasher by day and a beginner mixologist by night.  I think knowing that her brother won’t live long enough to see his children graduate elementary school really has her freaked out for me and my future.

Mom’s sister Beva is also expecting.
She and Dustie were talking about being parents and how excited they are to raise children.


Is this like…a biological thing?

Men don’t want families but women are drawn towards it?

This just makes me more apprehensive to getting a serious girlfriend.


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