I come from a big family.  My parents never meant to have five children, but really…who does?

Growing up in a huge house with a bunch of siblings was rough, but my sister Dorian was my best friend.  You see, we’re triplets.  Dustie is the third one but she really loves pink and doesn’t really fit in.


She likes to tell her stuffed animals jokes…jokes that aren’t funny.

I guess it’s easier to tell a bad joke to something that can’t change it’s face.


My parents were so sappy and always kissing each other.

That’s something I’ll always remember.  Their love.


My oldest sister Darcie got married to her longtime boyfriend Bret.  He was her first friend and now look where they are!  Crazy in love with a baby!  My nephew, Titus, is just a little baby but he’s pretty cute.


My older brother Dexter takes after Mom and is always exercising.  He’s got a really pretty girlfriend but he spends most of time jogging around the neighborhood.


This is me now!  Dorian and Dustie are exactly the same as when we were kids; total opposites.


They’re both set with where they are going in life…but me?

Who knows!

I’ll go where ever the wind takes me!

Short chapter, but we’ll have more next time!


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