You know I always mess with my hair?

Did it again.

But this time I just chopped off all the red.

Now it’s all natural.

Black.  Like my heart.

06-01-17_9-12-37 PM

Hahahaha.  Just kidding.  Life is great!


Arjun was really happy for me.

For a couple different reasons I think but mainly because he’s my best friend.

06-01-17_9-06-58 PM

“Good.  I’m proud of you.  Bruce has never been a great guy.”

“Now I just have to wait for the doctor to get rid of these…extra…blobs.”

06-01-17_9-07-03 PM

“You aren’t going to keep those for the next guy?”

“No need.  I’m perfect the way I am.  If a guy thinks I need bigger tits, then he obviously isn’t the man for me.”

“Wising up there, Mizz Eastman.”

“All thanks to you and Grams.”

06-01-17_9-07-43 PM

“What are friends for?”

I know Arjun is attracted to me.  He made it very clear when we first met and many times since then.

I feel bad that for now he’s just my friend.
But I can’t tell him what he might be tomorrow.

06-01-17_9-08-20 PM

Arjun is special.
And if someone snags him before I’m able to make a move, I’ll just have to deal with that.
But I’d rather someone else snatch him up than me try a relationship that I’m not ready for.

06-01-17_9-08-11 PM

I wish I could tell him this but I don’t want him to wait around for me.




06-01-17_9-16-41 PM

I’m happy.

I’m finally ready to begin something with Arjun.
Assuming he’s still interested.
He hasn’t been texting me the last two days.
I told him I need some best friend time and to come over around 4pm.
We’ll see if he shows.

I should of known he would.

06-01-17_9-29-06 PM

“Still have those giants?”

“Hahaha, yeah.  The doctor said I should be safe to get them removed in the next couple days.”

06-01-17_9-29-11 PM

“So why did you need to see me so urgently?”

“So I can tickle the shit out of you!”

06-01-17_9-30-39 PM

“Hey!  Heeeeeey stoooopppppppp hehehehehehehe”

“You called me over here so you could tickle me?  I smell some bullshit.”

06-01-17_9-31-57 PM

“Yeah yeah…I’m just trying to find the words to explain what’s going on in my head.”

“I swear to the Watcher if you get back with Bruce-“

06-01-17_9-32-06 PM

“No.  No way.  Never.  It’s something else.”

“Oh well, if it isn’t that then I’m all ears.”

“It’s you.  Arjun.  It’s you.”

06-01-17_9-32-33 PM

06-01-17_9-35-10 PM




Grams is really happy for me.

“I’m glad you finally found someone.  I told you Bruce was a fucking douche canoe.”


“Always here to tell me ‘I told you so,’ aren’t you Grams?”

“Who else will?”

06-01-17_9-43-03 PM

We spent the night at the bar discussing life.
Grams is engaged to the woman who turned her (I mean, she has been since I was a child) but she’s living with Vlad and his husband.

Vampire life is really confusing.
If Arjun was married, I’d never have touched him.
I guess Grams is old enough where she doesn’t give a fuck.

06-01-17_9-44-37 PM

In other news, I’ve been promoted a couple times at work and right now I’m wearing a fucking cheerleading outfit.

Apparently it’s something everyone has to do…but I’m still not happy about it.


06-01-17_10-07-13 PM




I finally got my breast reduction and Arjun and I celebrated by going to an art museum (which is outside of the challenge rules but I broke them…for like the 3rd time…).

This date turned into a night alone.

06-01-17_10-09-53 PM

Who knew museums were so empty in towns that lacked basic human rights.

06-01-17_10-13-09 PM 06-01-17_10-15-43 PM 06-01-17_10-16-43 PM 06-01-17_10-18-21 PM



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