Last chapter, it was very random and disorganized.
Much like when entropy increases.


You are welcome.

01-26-17_10-22-04 PM

What the fuck are you doing, looking fly as hell wandering around?

Oh.  Ugh.

01-26-17_10-23-51 PM

Hey babe.  I know it’s only been two days since we had that talk at the pool but I wanted to remind you that I’m serious.  You’re the whole package.

I know Pran.

01-26-17_10-23-01 PM

 Seriously.  The sim who marries you will be so lucky…and I want that sim to be me.


Pran, we talked about this.  If I twirl into Adult and I’m still single, I’ll be desperate enough to marry you.  You would have to leave your wife first.

I’ll leave her now if you ask me too.


Anywho, Evan ran into Lillie while out and about (fishing I think?) and she’s hella preggers.  I have MC Commands or whatever it’s called and made sure that Lillie and Phoenix got pregnant so that the family keeps going somewhere besides the legacy house.

01-26-17_10-45-29 PM

She’s adorable pregnant.

Love was in the air for everyone it seemed.

Darin Pancakes was all hot and heavy with…Allona?  Aminah?  Damnit.  Why is this so hard?!
It’s Aminah.  Her favorite color is black.  It’s right here in my notes.

01-26-17_10-57-25 PM

Miko and Evan were constantly kissing and flirting with each other while I was ignoring them.  So damn adorable.

01-26-17_11-04-46 PM

Alaric and Audora were still besties.  She went to the park her father built to scope out a man and ran into him there.

You mean he keeps asking you to marry him…but he’s already married?

Yes Alaric and what am I going to do?

01-26-17_11-18-43 PM

Ignore him.  That seems obvious.

Yes but I need to get married and have children.  It’s literally what I was born to do.

Dory, you need to slow down and enjoy life.  I got married right away and now we have  two children on the way.  It’s wonderful but I’ve never been with anyone other than Lillie.  You have time.  None of the guys around here are good enough for you anyway.

Don’t act like you don’t love Lillie with everything you have.  ‘I’ve never been with anyone other than Lillie,’ please.  Like you’d ever want to.  I remember how blown away you were when we met her.  You were sure she was the one for you.  I don’t have that.

Dory, you’re only 6 days into young adulthood.  You have so much time!

The next day…

Dad, I’m taking your advise.  Alaric and I talked and I’ve realized you guys are both right.  I can wait.  I need to tell Pran to back the fuck off.  I have so much time before I need to really focus on getting married and having kids.

Good job my girl.  You’ve figured it out.  Now you and live a full life.  Just remember to always be happy.  If your future husband mistreats you, leave him.  You deserve nothing less than absolute happiness.

01-26-17_11-22-55 PM

I’ll just tell you and you can come over and scare him.

I don’t know if…



01-26-17_11-23-18 PM

 01-26-17_11-23-27 PM

01-26-17_11-31-21 PM

01-27-17_8-07-34 PM

01-26-17_11-25-43 PM



Evan’s death is not as fucking horrifically sad as Amy leaving the doctor to go be happy with the love of her life, but it’s still depressing.

I didn’t realize he was so close and obviously ignored those notifications.  Goodbye my adorable founder. ❤

01-26-17_11-45-13 PM

Aminah (I typed Allona at first) channeled her sadness into grabbing a boyfriend, Arjun.


Audora was running around behind her home collecting rocks when she ran into Conrad Lewis.

Gorgeous Conrad.

Much older Conrad.

01-27-17_8-29-50 PM

01-29-17_6-45-09 PM


That’s exactly what Audora was thinking.

Their romance was that of a whirlwind,  Audora, while she had taken her fathers words to heart, also felt rushed by his sudden passing.

01-27-17_8-32-14 PM

They were soon married in the backyard, just them and Miko.

01-27-17_8-32-46 PM 01-27-17_8-34-08 PM 01-27-17_8-33-14 PM


Dear GOD they’re perfect.

The day after their wedding, Audora had some news.

01-27-17_8-38-50 PM

Baby…I’m pregnant.

01-27-17_8-38-57 PM


Conrad was EXTREMELY excited and Audora couldn’t have been happier.

01-27-17_8-40-38 PM

Will you two shut the fuck up?  I’m trying to do my homework.  Great, I’m an aunt.  Again.  Go somewhere else if you’re going to chat about baby names because I don’t give a fuck.  Thaaaanks.


 Audora was surprised how easy her first pregnancy was.  She was still kicking ass at work and making decent royalties from the books she was consistently writing.

01-27-17_9-01-42 PM

Though in her 3rd trimester, that was a different story.

01-29-17_6-38-25 PM

 She was constantly exhausted, had to pee every three hours, and was only craving bacon and eggs.

01-29-17_6-46-27 PM

Lucky for her, Conrad doted on her constantly.  He was constantly giving her massages, kissing her on the cheek, and talking to their unborn child.

He was really the perfect husband.

And when Audora needed him most, he never left her side.

01-29-17_6-47-09 PM

 Miko passed away just hours before Audora went into labor.


Goodnight Miko, the Serial Romantic who was extremely happy in her monogamous marriage.


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