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Chapter 1.0
Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2


Chapter 2.0
Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.5


Chapter 3.0
Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3 


Chapter 4.0
Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2
Chapter 4.3
Chapter 4.4
Chapter 4.5
Chapter 4.6
Chapter 4.7
Chapter 4.8
Chapter 4.9
Chapter 4.10
Chapter 4.11


Chapter 5.0
Chapter 5.1
 Chapter 5.2
Chapter 5.3
Chapter 5.4
Chapter 5.5
Chapter 5.6
Christmas Photos (just fun)
Chapter 5.7 / Part 1
Chapter 5.7 / Part 2
Chapter 5.8
Chapter 5.9
Chapter 5.10
Chapter 5.11


Chapter 6.0
Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6.2
Chapter 6.3
Chapter 6.4
Chapter 6.5
Chapter 6.6


Chapter 7.0
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Chapter 7.7
Chapter 7.8
Chapter 7.9
Chapter 7.10
Chapter 7.11
Chapter 7.12
Chapter 7.13
Chapter 7.14


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Hey everyone! I know this is a bad spot but my story is on a hiatus. As I posted earlier, my computer broke and I don’t have my sims game or my saves or anything. Nothing. It’s not accessible. I asked and I agree with the responses. I’m going to put this story on hold … Continue reading Hiatus


‘Cause my friends don’t read the papers And they don’t really care if we’re awesome or not So every time I read them, I know I feed them, but I know, They wanna see me hang on the wall. You don’t know me Don’t you think that I get lonely? It gets dark inside my … Continue reading 9.19


  My wedding day. My nerves are gone. Is Tommy wonderful? Yes. Is he my soul mate? It sure fucking feels like it. But looking at Martina right now… Tommy is a memory. Martina is my now. Mom, Dad, Hamilton, and Kim came out. Val showed up for Martina. It’s awkward now that I know … Continue reading 9.18


Running back to the rental was nerve wracking. I felt dirty…but also totally wonderful. How is that possible? Hey you two!  How was the hike? Amazing.  Hazel showed me this amazing spot where the path stops and overlooks the trees and stuff.  It was gorgeous. That’s her favorite spot. Seems like you two are fast … Continue reading 9.17

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