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—Late April You couldn’t wait for me to get home?  Really?  I’m only five minutes late. C’mon baby, you know I’m in one of my swings.  Get down here! Fiora had grown used to Clary and her ways.  They’d been together (exclusively) for almost a year and it was an amazing year for Fiora.  She … Continue reading 7.15


Bit of a warning here – some insinuated abuse. —Early April The months sped by for Fiora.  She was busy with work and her relationships and making sure she didn’t ignore her family for TOO long.  Fleta had taken to texting her once a month to make sure she wasn’t dead. Neal and Fiora were … Continue reading 7.14


Do you think we should talk to her? She’s been ignoring us for a month.  If she wants to talk to us, she can. We did this though. No Tasha, she did this.  We’re her BEST FRIENDS!  We’re supposed to look out for her.  It’s our job.  If she doesn’t want our help and wants … Continue reading 7.13


—Late April Without Tasha and Baz, Fiora attached herself to Clary.  Wonderful, beautiful, accepting Clary.  She totally understood that Fiora was happy and that it didn’t matter what was going on behind the scenes.  Fiora wasn’t being hurt so why fuss? Yeah, she’s coming tonight.  I bought a couple bottles of wine and plan on … Continue reading 7.12

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